Do Cannibals Still Exist In The World?

We all know that a spider is eaten by another spider, a small fish is eaten by a bigger one, but it is not possible to believe that the flesh of a man is eaten by another man. But you will be shocked to know that there are certain tribes in the world, which eat the flesh of human beings. Such tribes are known as cannibals.

Cannibals still exist in the worldIn early times, there used to be many tribes which indulged in eating human flesh. They used to eat flesh not because they liked it instead; they eat it because of their sacred rituals. They believed that by eating the flesh of other person, they could get the good qualities of that person. In general, it was believed that eating the flesh of brave man would make them brave and they would get the power of a lion by eating the flesh of a lion. In some tribes, their religion allowed them to eat flesh of human beings. The criminals of certain tribes were offered to their gods as a punishment for their bad deeds. The members of the tribe used to distribute the flesh among them and had it. It was quite common, in the cannibalistic society of Mexico. Some cases of eating human flesh are being heard in certain tribes of island of Pacific Ocean. No body can say with certainty, the number of these tribes existing in this world. But with no doubt we can conclude the number of these tribes have reduced as compared to the early times.

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3 Comments on “Do Cannibals Still Exist In The World?”

dabo wrote:

Let’s move to remove these creatures from the world of human being!

Alex wrote:

Also you’re missing another fact. During WWII when Germany invaded Russia they reached a point where they ran out of food in extreme cold winter and they were looking for an alternative. As a result the German soldiers ended up eating their captured prisoners in Russia women, men, children and even the elderly. To them it was either eat or die from hunger.

raya wrote:

That’s really scary. But shouldn’t it be illegal? They are basically killing people. Murder.

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