Genetic Engineering – Curse or Blessing?

Genetic engineering is a technique in which a gene of interest is inserted into suitable vector to form a new DNA molecule called r DNA molecule, which is then perpetuated into suitable host organism to get multiple copies of our gene with enhanced expression. Genetic engineering is a very promising technique for human beings. Various products like insulin, human growth factors etc., can be produced in large amounts by using genetic engineering.
But surprisingly it has been noted that current scenario of world is not promoting this technique because people have developed a massacre about the word ‘genetic’, in their minds just similarly as with the word nuclear. It has been found that people have very negative thinking about genetic engineering. These days one of the critical issue for discussion about genetic engineering is ‘its validity as curse or blessings?’

Genetic Engineering As Curse
genetic-engineering-curseAccording to various technical surveys conducted all over the world it has been found that the people thought that the genetic engineering is a science which is over-ruling the laws of nature and god. They think that the human have no right to play with the lives of other individuals by altering them at molecular levels. Because they see the technique of genetic engineering as negative rearrangement of building blocks of life. Moreover playing with genes is not a part of normal game, it can lead to severe changes in genetic patterns of humans, under processing or testing of the techniques. These changes will be irreversible and can lead to hereditary disorders.
Genetic Engineering As Blessing
But just because of a point view we can’t just ignore the potential f his technique, if we are rearranging the building blocks of life to remove disorders in these blocks then what is wrong with that?
This technique is altering human beings, but surely for better perspectives. This technique has been proved to be safe for human beings as it is safe for other living systems like animals. But yes, surely some legal obligations in the form of ethical laws should be there. Ethics is a Greek term which defines the right and wrong on the basis of morals and values. The branch of bioethics deals with the regulations of spread of techniques of biotechnology.
Everything in life is like a coin, which has two sides, one is good and other is evil. It depends upon us what side we want to see and cash. As a curse or as a blessing, in both cases this technique is going to change the world, but it will surely change it in a better way as a blessing.
“We always have choices, what choices we make distinguish success from failure.”

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