How Are Germs Transmitted To Human Body Through Insect Bites?

There are several types of insects, some of them bite us and become our great enemies. When these insects bite us they leave behind the germs of several dangerous diseases.

Do you know which insects are our enemies?

The mosquitoes, bed bug, rat flies, lice, tse tse flies are the main insects which spread different diseases through bites. When these insects suck the blood of a diseased person by biting him, the germs of his disease enter into the body of the insect. After that when these insects bite a healthy person, the germs of that disease pass into the body of that person along with saliva through needle shaped hollow organ. In this way these germs infect the healthy person and make him sick. ‘Sleeping sickness’ is the dangerous disease caused by the bite of tse tse flies. Malaria is caused due to the bite of anopheles mosquitoes. The germs of plague are carried by rat fleas and typhoid is transmitted by lice. Skin diseases are caused by bed bug. These insects suck How are germs transmitted to human body through insect bitesblood from human body to keep themselves alive.

Do you know how the germs transmitted to the human body through insect bites?

Actually, when these insects bite us then they inject small amount saliva into our body to prevent the blood from clotting. In this way the germs pass into our body along with saliva. On the other hand, there are some insects like wasp and honey bee which sting our body but do not spread disease. The stings of these insects are situated at the tail end and causes intense pain. These insects bite us like doctor’s injection and inject the poisonous substance into our body. This poison causes swelling and pain in our body.

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