How Are Plants Useful To Us?

We all know that plants play very important role in our life. About three lakhs of different types of plants have already been studied. We get many things from these plants like fuel, wood, paper, coal and different types of food. We also get several medicines from these plants. Quinine is the popular medicine, is extracted from cinchona plant. This medicine is used to cure of malaria. ‘Digitalis’ is the medicine which is obtained from the plant digitalis purpurea. This medicine is used to cure heart diseases. Laxative is obtained from the dried bark of Rhamnus purshiana. Morphine, the famous intoxicating medicine and a pain killer is obtained from the poppy plants. The How are plants useful to usmedicines like Streptomycin and Penicillin are derived from molds. All the stimulating and antibiotic medicines like caffeine and asprin are also obtained from the plants only. Plants are very useful to us as we get rubber from the milk of a plant. Synthetic fibers and paper are made from the cellulose present in the trees. The pine trees are very useful to us as we extract turpentine oil from them. Several types of pigments and paints are also obtained from plants and trees. We get sandal oil and Incense sticks from the sandal wood. Hence it will not be possible for us to live on the earth without plants.

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jimmy wrote:

Plants are useful for us in many ways. Plants help to control pollution,many medicines are made with every part of the plant.Life of human being is difficul on the earth without plants.

sanket666raj wrote:

Without plants the imagination of our life is more than impossible.

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