How Did The Practice Of Shaking Hands Begin?

Nowadays, most of the people shake hands to greet one another. Generally, they shake hands whenever they meet.

However, they do not know how this practice began?

In olden days, we have considered the hand as a symbol of power and strength. Hand was used to fight enemies, to make weapons and to kill animals. When somebody extended the hand to someone without speaking, it was taken to be a gesture of friendship and goodwill. Hand was also considered as the symbol of power in the early religions. If some one greet How did the practice of shaking hands beginwith folded hands, it was considered to be in honour. In India and some other countries of Asia this custom of shaking hands still continues. Once, it was usual among the Arabs to kiss the hand of a superior to express respect. On the other hand, this custom created a feeling of inferiority in the man who kissed the hand, thus slowly it came to an end. The custom of shaking hands originated in Greece. The Greeks used to extend the right hand when they wished to express friendship to an unfamiliar person. And slowly this custom becomes very popular. Nowadays, when we meet some friend we automatically extend our hand to greet him. On January 1, 1907 the late president of USA, Theodore Roosevelt shook hands with 8513 people in Washington. It was the world record.

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