How Do We Breathe?

All living things breathe. Man, plants, animals, birds, insects all need oxygen which they obtain through respiration. However, the process of breathing is different in all creatures. Some of them breathe through lungs, while the others breathe through skin e.g. earthworm.

Do you know how do we breathe and what happens in the body during the process of respiration?

How do we breatheWe all inhales air through nose or mouth. This is known as ‘respiration’. Through the wind pipe this inhaled air goes to the lungs. In our body there are two lungs which are located on the right and left side of our chest. Lungs are made up of tissues shaped like soft bags. There are millions of air sacs in each lung, which get enlarged when air is inhaled. When air is exhaled they contract. The blood circulates the inhaled air through out the body. It oxidizes the food. Water, carbon dioxide and other substances are produced during the process of oxidation. .When we breathe out, the carbon dioxide comes out. Heat is also produced in the process of oxidation which is used for doing the different types of work. Heat maintains the body temperature and keeps our body warm. We need more energy while doing some physical work or exercise. Therefore we need more oxygen. Because of the reason, the rate of breathing becomes fast when we do any hard work. Generally, a new born child breathes 60 times per minute. A child of 15 years breathes 20 times per minute and an adult breathes 16 to 18 times per minute. In adults, the rate of breathing is faster than the old people. The physical conditions, like age, emotions and health also affects the rate of breathing. We can hold our breath for a few moments according to our wish. Breathing is an automatic process which continues through out our life.

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