How Does The Nose Detect Smell?

We smell and breathe through nose. If the nose is not working properly we cannot differentiate between the fragrance and foul smell.

Do you know how the nose detects smell?

Nose is located between the eyes and above the lips. It is composed of two bones. These bones form a bridge. A wall of cartilage lies How does the nose detect smellbetween these bones and it divided the nose into two parts known as nasal cavities. A thin membrane lies at the end of the nasal cavities which is known as mucous membrane. A special fluid is secreted by mucous membrane which keeps the nose wet. The hairs present inside the nose prevent the dust particles from entering the lungs. The nose filters the air and it goes to the lungs through the trachea. The smell is detected by the cells known as ‘receptors’. These cells are present in the two olfactory nerves which are located at the end of the nasal cavities. These cells cover the area of 250 square millimeters. When we smell something particles coming out of it reach the sensitive area through the nasal cavities. The electric impulses are generated by them in the nerves. Then these electric impulses reach the ‘smell centre’ of the brain and we detect the smell. According to a theory, there are seven types of receptors in our nose, each receptor gives different smell. The seven different types of smell are of flowers, burning, fruits, pungent, musky, peppermint and alcohols. The sensations of these smells reach cells of the olfactory nerves through the nose. In these nerves they generate electric impulses, the message of which carried to the brain and then we detect smell. We are unable to detect smell in case of cold, as the sensitive cells get covered.

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