How To Build A Tree House?

Tree houses and children are best combination for generating some long lasting memories. Purpose of having a tree house is not important at all. Actually joy and excitement of children are enough to justify the need of a tree house in somebody’s home. Tree house building is not a children’s game, it actually takes some time and general construction protocol. With proper preparation and planning one can easily build a tree house in just a weekend.

Building A Tree House
Before starting work on a tree house, initially one must overcome the biggest obstacle i.e. finding out the right tree. For building a tree house most important requirement is a strong and mature tree with suitably thick trunk. Chosen tree must have solid branches for supporting the structure of the tree house. If one is not comfortable in locating this kind of tree then the only option is to construct a ground level playhouse or a stilt-frame house. But if one is available with such a tree then next step is to develop a protocol for construction of tree house. With help of this article one can easily learn the construction of a tree house.

Initial Planning :
tree-houseMost important requirement of a tree house is a frame foundation (well-built) that acts as a platform for the tree house. For the entire process of construction one will need pressure treated lumber. In stead of nails one should use decking screws in order to attach lumber to the tree; this precaution will provide necessary security to the tree house. Before starting construction one should be clear about time for which tree house is required. Size of the tree house should also be considered. If one is concerned about avoiding the damage to the tree (during and after the construction) then one should consult an arborist before starting the construction process.

Construction Of The Tree House :
After placing the foundation one should attach the pressure treated plywood (i.e. rectangular or Cut Square). This will allow maximum rooms to build. If one is interested in constructing some all-weather tree house, then one should also plan for constructing the roof and walls. But if one is interested in a simple platform tree house, then one should not spent much on walls and roof. For the platform tree house one should install deck railing (perfect as walls) and leave the top open/exposed.

One should also consider the accessibility to the tree house. Because the ease of accessibility to the tree house will decide that one should use a ladder, rope ladder or footholds (directly to the tree) for getting into the tree house. One should take great care in providing the solid and safe access (to the tree house) for descent and ascent.

Special Tip :
If you are uncertain about following a particular plan, then remember that simplicity and complexity of a design totally depends upon your ability and your budget. Moreover children never care about a prefect tree house, for them enjoyment is everything, keep this thing in mind and construct whatever you want.

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