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How to clean windows?

We have to execute following steps to lean windows

Step 1: First and foremost thing to be done is to be done here is backup. That is necessary in order to avoid any damage to the system in the process may cause permanent crash and window might not work after that.

In order to take backup do following

a) Click on Start button
b) Move pointer to All Programs
c) Move pointer to Accessories,
d) Move pointer to System Tools,
e) Click Backup.

Step 2: In order to tune windows performance we have to remove unwanted programs as these are resource consuming and waste lot of computing power.

To remove unwanted programs we need to do following

1. First of all Click on Start, then proceed to click on the Control Panel.

2. The second step here is to Click on option “Add or Remove Programs” in control panel.

3. Examine frequency of each program usage. Least frequent ones can be deleted and hence windows can perform better.

4. Reboot PC after execution of above steps.

Step 3: We can remove unwanted files in order to clean windows xp by right clicking on the hard drive and selecting disk cleanup option..

That can be done as follows.

a. Double click on My Computer, right click on Local Disk, then click on Properties.

b. On the tab named general, click on the button named Disk Cleanup. This utility will examine hard drive

c. Then it shows how much you can clear. Select the option and you can clean lots of space in your hard disc.