How to do disk cleanup?

Disk clean up is a very important activity that keep your computer efficient and responsive. This activity removes unnecessary and temporary files from the hard disk and. This will fasten the speed of your computer and simplify the task of antivirus programs. This will also resolve various networking problems because sometimes temporary files also interrupt in networking efforts. To conduct the disk cleanup following protocol should be followed:

1. First of all open your my Computer, from start menu or directly from the desktop.

2. Make a right click on C drive (i.e. your system drive) and from the popup menu select properties.

3. Step 2 will open up a dialog box, select Disk clean up button in the dialog box. The disk cleanup program will then automatically figure out the total amount space that can be created through cleaning. The program will disperse the total cleaning scope into the areas from where temporary files could be removed. After this a disk clean up tab will appear which will show various areas from where temporary files could be removed along with the individual and composite space that will be released after cleaning the files.

4. Now, user can check all the areas he/she want to clean up. One can choose to check all the areas for a complete cleaning or one may choose a few areas only.

5. After selecting the areas you need to click OK.

6. This will complete disk clean up activity, but if you are using windows XP or higher operating system you may also need to clean up system restore points. Because while restoring at a previous point it might also possible that some malware or spyware program also get restored that you might have been deleted after saving the point as restore point. So it’s better to keep only a recent restore point in your system.

7. To clean up previous restore points, you need to open again the disk clean up tab.

8. Select “More options” and then in the system restore option click on the clean up followed by clicking “yes”.

This will clean up your entire computer but cleaning of temporary internet files is also strongly recommended. For cleaning temporary internet files on windows XP operating system, you need to open the control panel from start up menu. Select the “category view” and click on network and internet connections to open the internet options or you can simply open internet options if your control panel is in “classic view”.

Inside the dialog box of internet options, click on delete files followed by a check on the “delete all offline content”. Then simply click on OK.

This will complete the clean up exercise. One should o this on regular intervals to keep the computer refreshed and efficient. One should also remove unused or useless programs from the “add or remove programs” option present in the control panel.

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