How To Get Rid Of Blue Screen Of Death?

So you have the computer blue screen of death (BSoD). You might be panicking, but don’t worry. The blue error screen you are looking as is not necessarily computer death. There are many causes, and many of them have solutions. The BSoD is actually the error or stop screen for Microsoft Windows. It happens when there is a system error it doesn’t know how to fix, and it is actually a safety feature that stops permanent damage from occurring.

Before you do anything, it can be helpful to write down anything that appears on the blue screen. This information could help you focus on what is the problem.

Blue screen of deathThe simplest fix is to just restart your computer; however there still might be temporary or permanent data lose, especially if you were working on unsaved files when the error occurred. There also might be limited damage to the computer’s moving parts like the hard drive. If the initial restart doesn’t work, press F8 repeatedly during the next start up process. This will take you to the “Windows Advanced Options” menu screen. From there select “Safe Mode” which will load Windows with only the necessary drivers.

There are a couple of different causes of the BSoD: device driver problems, programming errors, page faults, inaccessible system components like boot disks and drives, kernel errors, and restart.

If the BSoD is occurring on a new computer, the problem is probably due to one or more device drivers, especially if they are legacy drivers from older systems. If the computer is older, there are often compatibility problems with newer devices and programs. Be sure to upgrade and optimize your drivers, making sure you have the latest versions.

This is also true for programs. Older programs can be incompatible with newer systems. Uninstalling these older programs can stop the problem. If you have found this to be the problem, restart the computer, taking note of the program that is the issue. Access the Control Panel from the Start menu and click on “Add/Remove Programs”. Run the uninstall process and get rid of the problem program. If you think you will need the program, you can reinstall it if you update it with patches obtained from the provider’s website.

Viruses and other malicious programs will cause the BSoD. This can happen if you download a lot of files and software from web sites and emails. Scanning your computer with security software will fix this problem.

Sometimes the only solution to the BSoD is to consult a professional computer technician either at an independent company or through the support number for your computer’s manufacturer. If possible, back up your files prior to taking your computer for support. The repair may involve taking the computer back to factory settings.

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