How to Get Rid of Bowel Incontinence?

While this subject may be uncomfortable for some, it is an issue that can be and should be openly discussed. Bowel incontinence is sometimes referred to as fecal incontinence in the U.K. and other countries, but no matter what name it is given it is a health condition that should be addressed with proper treatment.

One of the best ways to get rid of bowel incontinence is to bring it out in the open, so to speak, so that everyone can understand what sufferers are dealing with. This condition involves leakage from the rectum that cannot be controlled “normally.” Some people suffer more severely than others. Individuals might have little or no control over their bowel movements while others might experience tiny amounts of leakage, along with breaking wind quite often.

Some medical personnel might characterize breaking wind as a sign of improper digestion. This might be true in some cases, but when it accompanies actual leakage some specific steps might be called for. In most cases the individual is probably not going to suffer a serious health setback. Bowel incontinence itself is not a life-threatening situation. But it should be viewed as a symptom of some other problem that should be addressed properly.

The percentage of the population suffering from this condition might be small compared to other health conditions, but it is no less problematic. It can be embarrassing and may cause unusual stress in those who think there is no effective treatment. But people shouldn’t resign themselves to living with bowel incontinence or live for the day when it will just not happen anymore.

Bowel IncontinenceWhat causes this condition? When the bowels and rectum are full and the person doesn’t respond to this by defecating, there is added risk of leakage. A first step in “getting better” might be learning more about sphincter control. (The sphincter muscles control this area of the body.) Injury and damage to these muscles might lead to such incontinence.

It’s also possible that diet is a contributing factor. If there is any possibility of such serious conditions as Chrohn’s disease or other bowel conditions, immediate medical help is essential. Avoiding certain foods and drinks can also help lessen bowel incontinence. Nutrition experts know that spicy and greasy foods sometimes lead to problems, as do artificially sweetened drinks and caffeinated beverages.

People who suffer from constipation might also experience rectal leakage because the softer stools force their way out past the blockage. In this case, it may be necessary to make major changes in diet and exercise to avoid future incidents.

Specialists have a number of tests and analysis methods to determine the cause of bowel incontinence. When the diagnosis calls for aggressive treatment it may be necessary to choose a medication for battling diarrhea. If constipation is a contributing cause, then a mild laxative used according to directions might provide relief. Changes in diet may be the most effective way to get rid of bowel incontinence. With the help of a medical professional, an individual can develop a healthy meal plan for the future. In severe cases, it may be necessary to have nerve stimulation or even surgery to correct physical problems. But these are best left to the “last resort” category, after other treatments are given a chance to work.

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