How To Get Rid Of Carpet Fleas?

The wingless insects that live on hosts feather or fur and feed on their blood are called Fleas. The hosts include rats, humans, dogs and chickens. Pain and itchiness with swollen part is the main symptom of flea bite. Rashes are also caused by flea saliva as some people are allergic to it. Carpets are also attacked by fleas as they mistake fabric for fur but they need a new host as they are not able to survive on carpet. For pet’s health and protection of carpet, you should get rid of fleas.

Find Where Fleas Hide

Carpet fleasFleas live in moist and dark areas such as behind doors and under the furniture and as they are small in size so it is difficult to see them. You should check large furniture and both sides of carpet for flea infestation.

Use A Vacuum Cleaner

You can use vacuum cleaner to get rid of fleas. You can use it over furniture and carpets. Seams and corners of pouches should be checked carefully as fleas get stuck in these areas.

Wash All Carpets

To completely get rid of fleas you should wash all your carpets regularly in soapy and hot water. Sometimes only vacuum cleaner is not sufficient, so you should use steam cleaner to wash away the fleas.

Try Boric Acid

Boric acid kills almost all types of insects and it is safe to use. It is an alternative to strong chemicals. Make sure you do not apply large amount of boric acid on carpets as this will result in discoloration of colored fabrics.

Use A Boric Acid Solution

You can also use a solution of borax and water as borax stops growth of young fleas while water clears the carpet from adult fleas. This method can be used on old fabrics too.

Apply Carpet Treatments

Carpet treatment can also be used to get rid of fleas. It includes allethrin, chlorpyrifos and bendiocarbs. You must read the instruction manual carefully. Some of the methods are only for carpet beetles (another form of fleas). You should ask the manufacturer if it is effective for both type of insects and make sure you read the review of products before.

Call Pest Control Professionals

If you are not able to deal with the problem on your own then you must call pest control professionals. These people have proper knowledge and equipments to deal with pests like fleas. You can also get rid of carpet beetles with their help.

Get Rid Of Old Fabrics

You should throw away old clothes and fabrics or wash them properly to get rid of fleas. You should give not clothes that have flea infestation to anybody. Just throw them away.

Kill Them With Insect Spray

You can use insect sprays on carpets, furniture, floor boards and areas under carpet and make sure your pets does not come in contact with that particular area as its smell can poison small pets. If any of your pets lick these insecticides then they may become ill or die.

Regularly Inspect Your Carpet

You should check your carpets for flea infestation and you should change your carpet if there is any infestation. Also make sure they don’t attack your pets and you too. Flea bite can cause pain, swelling and itching.

Pets Should Be Bathed Regularly

As flees enter your home through your pets, so should bath your pets regularly and see if they are free from any kind of infestation.

Use Salt

Before vacuuming, you may also apply salt on flea eggs and wait for 24 hours. A mixture of salt and boric acid can also be used. Entire house should be cleaned thoroughly to get rid of fleas completely. If fleas do not find any kind of food from your home then they will leave automatically. If you have done enough research, you can easily get rid of fleas.

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