How to Get Rid of Cauliflower Ear ?

Before we can get rid of something we have to know what “it” is. We also have to know, in detail, what caused “it.” In this case, we are discussing the unusual and rather rare cauliflower ear. Unfortunately, this is more common among boxers, wrestlers and rugby players than among the rest of the world’s population. There is a reason for this condition appearing on the ears of some athletes.

At one time, cauliflower ear may have been almost a source of pride among these athletes. Some wrestlers, rugby players and boxers still feel this way about the puffy, misshapen ears that result from the contact in their sport. But cauliflower ear can be more than unsightly. It can actually cause hearing problems and should be considered an injury like any other.

What causes this problem with the outer ears? The simple answer is physical trauma – rough contact to the ear lobes, impact that is strong enough to cause damage. The cartilage and other tissue of the ear break down and the spaces are filled with blood or other fluids. Instead of the rather smooth, consistent appearance of the lobe, the individual has the bumpy, uneven cauliflower ear. While the appearance of this condition is problem enough, there are at least two other things to be concerned with.

Cauliflower EarIf the injury or blow to the ear is strong enough to break down the ear tissue it can also cause hearing problems. The collection of fluid and blood may put extra pressure on the other parts of the ear. Long-term hearing loss may be the result. Cauliflower ear also causes pain because the damaged ear is tender to touch. In addition, if the skin is punctured or torn, the fluids can leak out.

If a person already has cauliflower ear, for whatever reason, there are some steps that can relieve the pain and even reduce the tenderness and rough appearance. Off-the-shelf pain killers help with the symptoms. Fluid can be drained by a doctor. Some medical procedures include using a steroidal injection to prevent further internal bleeding. An individual may ultimately have to resort to surgery for cosmetic reasons.

These are really the only practical ways to deal with an existing case of cauliflower ear. But the draining process can be very helpful if a sterilized needle is used to reduce the chance of infection. Doctors find pockets of fluid by observing and feeling the affected area then inserting the needle to pull excess fluid from the spot. This can be helpful for several locations on each ear. This procedure is sometimes followed by the plastic surgery mentioned earlier in an effort to make the fluid-pocket reduction more permanent.

People who have a doctor conduct this draining procedure find relief in appearance and level of tenderness in the ear. Any bleeding or leakage of fluid should be reported to the doctor immediately. The procedure may have to be repeated to obtain satisfactory results. In combination with pain relievers and everyday cleanliness a person with cauliflower ear can experience much improvement.

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