How to Get Rid of Cluster Headaches ?

One of the best pieces of advice you can get about any health condition such as cluster headaches is this: Understand what the condition or problem is so that you can be more successful in treating it. As one wise fellow said, how can you hit a target you can’t see?

Cluster headaches occur on one side of the head. People use various terms to describe the feeling but in every case they say the ache is extreme or severe. These headaches are sometimes accompanied by upset stomach. A person may also be unusually sensitive to light. People who suffer from another type of headache – migraine – say the symptoms are similar to those of cluster headaches (though cluster headaches come more suddenly).

Most people who describe a cluster-headache say they become intense very quickly and, in most cases, go away in 30 minutes or a bit more. Sometimes they will last for a couple of hours. The key factor with this type of headache is the “cycling.” Sufferers say that they may get several headaches in a 24-hour period, with this pattern continuing for two or three weeks. Then, for no apparent reason, the headaches don’t appear at all for a period of time.

One of the first actions people take with cluster headaches is a trip to the doctor (and then to the pharmacy). A number of prescription medicines can reduce the symptoms of this type of headache. Talk with your family physician about what might work for you. Some people have experienced this type of headache in the past and try some of the preventive ideas. Again, some of these require a doctor’s prescription, while one or two others might be available over the counter. Some people use specific types of creams and lotions rubbed on areas of the head or face to relieve pain.

HeadachesSome individuals find that cluster headaches are a problem that requires more aggressive treatment – surgery. This involves “disconnecting” the nerve that delivers the pain signal. But this might be placed further down the priority list if you can work with your doctor to relieve the symptoms in other ways.

One method that has been used with success is oxygen treatment. These should be administered by a doctor and should be carefully planned and supervised. It seems that the introduction of oxygen relieves the pain and relaxes the headache sufferer.

In summary, if you have a “stab” of pain or a throbbing in one small area that quickly becomes intense then disappears shortly after you may have experienced the first of several cluster headaches. If similar incidents occur that same day it’s even more likely. Some individuals also report sensitivity to light, some nausea and even nasal congestion.

Medications might help, so visit your doctor to find out if a prescription drug will relieve cluster headache symptoms for you. Lidocaine and melatonin have been used by some. Treatment with pure oxygen has been successful for the majority of those who suffer from cluster headaches. Ask your doctor about this method.

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