How To Get Rid Of Dirty Keyboard?

Common sense and good personal hygiene will go a long way toward getting rid of a dirty keyboard at your computer station. If you just don’t seem to have the urge to keep your work area clean, consider the two major problems that could result from a messy keyboard: malfunction and ill health.

That second negative result isn’t common but it’s possible for you to catch some bacteria-based malady from dirty work and/or living conditions. Of course, the more crucial result of dirty conditions is not being able to use the keyboard because it won’t “work.”

Dirty KeyboardWhat causes the problem of dirty keyboard? In fact, there are many sources for what some have called gunk or egunk. If you go through your day taking care of everyday tasks and don’t wash your hands when you start working on the computer you will be transferring dirt and dead skin cells to the keys. This is a particular problem if the keyboard is shared by several people, some of whom don’t practice good personal hygiene.

No Food or Drink!

If you value your computer and the contents of your hard drive you don’t pour soft drinks or juice on them, do you? In the same way, you should avoid pouring liquids on your keyboard. This is a sure way to get a useless hunk of plastic where there was once a well-functioning keyboard.

Don’t eat when at the computer either. Food particles, especially snack items, can cause real problems for a computer keyboard. The particles get between keys or come in contact with the circuit boards beneath the plastic keys. A few months of this and you will have to replace the keyboard.

Look at That!

Keep the work area clean and make sure you don’t have to invest in a new keyboard on a regular basis. Get into the habit of cleaning the keyboard on a regular basis. A can of compressed air will help blow dust and dry food particles away. Use a soft cloth to wipe away dust, loose particles and small spots.

Use a mild cleaning fluid or some rubbing alcohol for careful cleaning of the keys. **Don’t get liquid into the area between and beneath the keys!! Use cotton swabs or small pieces of cotton to get some of the dirt and gunk out of the way.

When you are cleaning the keyboard make sure the power is turned off to the computer. Remove the keyboard connection from the CPU. Spray compressed air to get dust and particles from between the keys. You can also shake the keyboard gently while holding it upside down. But be very careful when doing this.

Use a clean toothbrush and/or cotton swabs to get a bit more cleaning done around the keys. It’s ok to use rubbing alcohol for the plastic surfaces but as we mentioned – don’t allow liquids to run between the keys and ruin the circuit boards! Some basic cleaning occasionally will go a long way toward getting rid of a dirty keyboard.

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