How To Get Rid Of Disk Fragmentation?

Have you noticed that your computer is slower than it used to be? Is it crashing on a regular basis? Your problem may be a common problem called disk fragmentation. It can really impact the performance of your computer, but it is also easy to address.

When your computer is new, all the files are neat and orderly on the hard drive. The computer can find everything quickly and easily. As you use your computer, you add files, delete files, and download games and pictures, the files become more disorganized. Sometimes bits and pieces of a file get left behind after you delete it.

Disk FragmentationNow it is harder for the computer to find what you are looking for, and it gets slow and unreliable. This is known as fragmentation. It may take longer for your computer to start up and shut down, up to several minutes. The same thing can happen when you open a software program. Programs and your operating system may also crash or get hung up trying to start as your computer searches for what it needs through all the files and parts of files scattered all over the hard disk. If you burn a lot of CDs or DVDs, you may notice even more problems as this process requires a constant stream of data from the hard disk which will not be possible with a fragmented drive.

Fortunately, there is software out there, known as defragmenters or “defraggers” that repair fragmentations and get your computer back to optimal speeds. A defragger finds the pieces of the file that have become scattered all over the hard drive and puts them back together, just like gluing a broken plate. To do this, the software needs free space on the computer, at least 20 percent, to gather, copy, and fix the files.

The more free space, the quicker the defragging process will be. Many defraggers will automatically monitor and defragment your hard disk, so you don’t even have to think about it. For instance, Executive Software’s Diskeeper, has a “Set it and Forget it”, so the process is automatic instead of manual.

Windows OS have a built-in defragmenting software, but it is limited and very basic. It may be more advantageous to find a third-party software which can be free or commercial. When chooses a software, here is what you should consider.

How easy is it to use? It should be very easy, only taking a couple of mouse clicks. It should also be able to schedule defragging for a time when you aren’t using the computer. It shouldn’t take too long to complete the defragmentation. When choosing a software look at users’ feedback and reviews to help you choose the best software for you and take advantage of any trial periods offered.

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