How to Get Rid of Eye Infection ?

Among the many different parts of the body and the various systems that keep us alive and healthy, the eyes may well be one of the most treasured. The remarkable eye is very sensitive to the level of light that enters and to the many conditions that can affect vision. Every precaution should be taken to avoid infections and injury to the eye.

But when an eye infection causes problems with sight, along with itching and pain, there are a number of ways to treat the malady. The first and best step may be to schedule a visit to your local optometrist or family physician, especially if the pain and swelling become severe. It’s also possible to find some over-the-counter items at the local pharmacy that may provide relief and help clear up some infections.

Before you try to clear up an eye infection it would help to know just what the problem is. If possible, you should try to determine what the cause is so that you can treat more than the symptoms. Some of the symptoms to watch for with eye infections are: swelling, sharp pains, inflammation (redness) and itching. It may be necessary to stay away from others as some eye infections are contagious.

If you decide to visit a doctor right away he or she will probably prescribe a particular medicine for you specific condition. The doctor may simply give you the name of one or two commercially available medicines, drops or ointments that can help. Some over-the-counter creams and ointments work with certain eye infections while they may not be as effective on other conditions. A doctor’s advice is always a good idea when there is doubt about how to treat the eye problem, or if the things you have tried don’t work.

Eye InfectionWith some eye problems, eye drops are the best route. These can contain some specific medicines that help clear up infections and kill bacteria. They may also include saline in a liquid solution that helps cleanse and flush the infected eye. But eye drops should be used with extreme caution and with the advice of a doctor, unless the drops are purchased “off the shelf” and have specific instructions for use.

Some people have success with natural or “home” remedies. Again, these should be used with caution and only if you know exactly what the ingredients are and what these ingredients will do. People often find that natural remedies don’t cause the side effects or after effects of the commercially available treatments.

A few individuals who are bothered by a rather minor eye problem might be able to relieve some symptoms and clear up the matter with a compress (soft cloth soaked with hot water). This can relieve the itching and promote circulation that may speed the healing process. Others have had success with Echinacea, an herb that is available off the shelf in a tincture. You simply have to follow the directions on the package. You may even try flushing the eye with distilled water or even placing a warm, moist tea bag on the eye. Sometimes the simplest methods yield excellent results. But it’s wise not to take chances with your eyes. If you have doubts about the condition, see a doctor.

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Brooke wrote:

Hey Alright, So did you know you can put breast milk in your eyes, and apparently it works .. I’ve Never Tried It but my friend has she said it worked .. But i would never EVER put somebody’s Breast milk in my eye .. But also if you have an eye infection DON’T USE MAKEUP UNTIL ITS COMPLETELY GONE ..!!! If not .. you’ll have to go and buy new make up! Like everything .. True Story

Nancy wrote:

The infection can come by grass sometimes because you might have hay fever and just put wet tissue on your red eye. The tissue should be cold the more colder and wetter it is the better it is your red eye. Do not go on the grass and eat honey.

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