How To Get Rid Of Jock Itch?

There are ways to get rid of jock itch and there are ways to prevent jock itch. If you can you should choose preventing it over eliminating it. As the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

So, what can we do to prevent jock itch? First we have to understand what causes it. Wearing tight undergarments or a tight, uncomfortable jock strap for physical activity will probably contribute to jock itch. Select your garments carefully and make sure they fit comfortably. The fungi involved in jock itch grow well in moist, dark areas. So you should make sure that your undergarments and jock strop are very clean and fit properly.

If you tend to sweat quite a bit and wear tight clothing you may have a higher risk of getting jock itch. Sometimes you inherit the tendency toward jock itch from your parents and grandparents. The fungi just grow better on skin with a certain amount of natural oils and moisture. Some people who have a weaker immune system might also be prone to jock itch.

Clear Things Up
Once you have jock itch in spite of precautions there are some steps you can take to get rid of it or at least reduce the discomfort. Try one of the creams or lotions available at retail stores. These include Lamisil, Lotramin and a few others. If the problem is extreme you may have to visit your doctor and get a prescription for a stronger topical treatment. These ointments should begin to work on the source of the problem right away.

Jock ItchRemember that jock itch is contagious. Not only can you transfer it to another person through contact with your body or your clothing but you may also transfer the fungi to another part of your body. If you have similar itch/problems on your feet, for example, you should treat this at the same time.

Right at Home
You may already have some items in your home that will be effective in treating jock itch. Sometimes an anti-dandruff shampoo will clear up mild to medium problems with jock itch. A product called tea-tree oil has been used successfully as a natural substance that battles fungal infections. The list of home remedies also includes an application of vinegar diluted with water. The mild acidic content of vinegar may kill some of the fungus and help you recover.

Once you have cleared up your jock itch with one or more of these treatments it is important to prevent the return of the problem. You should pay specific attention to the prevention ideas already mentioned. Keep your clothing clean and dry. Make sure undergarments, jock straps and shorts fit properly. Don’t wear these items if they are too tight. This will only lead to further problems. If worse comes to worse you may be able to discourage the fungi from returning by eating garlic!

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