How To Get Rid Of Junk Mail?

Most of us simply toss unwanted and unneeded mail items directly in the trash can. If we could pile up all the unsolicited mail that people receive around the world the mound of paper would be absolutely huge! That’s why we need to know how to get rid of junk mail. One way to avoid getting on those “permanent” mailing lists maintained by so many companies is to indicate that your new address is temporary.

Of course, this only works if you recently moved. The postal service data base used by most junk-mail companies focuses on permanent addresses. You may be able to keep your address from getting on this data base. Be sure there are no negative effects of being listed as temporary in this postal database. It’s best to know all the details before trying this type of tactic for avoiding junk mail.

Ask for Help
Junk MailYou can always contact the individual business that is sending you unwanted catalogs or other materials. When you use this method, make sure you get to a “live” person if you can. Be persistent and get the assurance from the individual you talk to that you will be removed from their mailing list. If you can do this through your telephone keypad or online at your home computer, do it. Make sure you cover all the bases when getting removed from mailing lists without talking directly to a representative of the company.

If you regularly receive chain letters seeking an investment of money at any level, it may help to report this to the post office staff immediately. However, if you are getting mail through saturation mailing that doesn’t even have your name you may not be able to get your name and address off this list. This type of bulk mailing simply processes enough individual pieces of mail for each numbered address. Some research on this type of “marketing” scheme shows that companies behind it are large enough and have enough influence in Washington D.C. and the state capitals to keep the program alive.

Second Level Mailings
You may discover that you are getting junk mail from a company that has purchased a large mailing list from another company. Again, you will have to be persistent in contacting one or both of these companies to take the necessary steps for being removed from the lists.

If you have problems with any of these methods or with an individual company, contact your local postmaster and ask for his or her help with getting in touch with the United States Postal Service Consumer Affairs office. If the material you are receiving is offensive in a moral or socially unacceptable way contact the post office and ask about Form 1500.

You will often meet with strong resistance from junk mail companies and direct-mail wholesalers. Many of these companies maintain that their mailings keep the postal service in business or at least keep the costs of other mail down. Some even insist that residents want to receive junk mail. Exert your rights and choose not to receive junk mail.

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