How to Get Rid of Kerosene Smell?

Kerosene is probably one of the most useful petroleum derivatives. Scientifically, it is an inflammable hydrocarbon liquid. Characteristically, it is thin, clear, liquid, and smelling. It is obtained when petroleum is fractionally distillated between 150 °C and 275 °C.

Kerosene is the term that is more commonly used in the North America. In the United Kingdom and South Africa, Kerosene is commonly called paraffin or paraffin oil. It is colloquially called “Kero” in Australia.

kerosene-smellKerosene is used in a number of industrial and household purposes. It is largely used as jet fuel in jet aircrafts; it is also used to power some rockets, but most commonly, it is used as heating fuel. This is probably one of the most common usages of Kerosene.

Kerosene’s combustible properties – flame – heat – are similar to that of Diesel. It is not as actively inflammable as Petrol; thus, it is often used by outdoor rock concert performers or fire dance performers. In households, Kerosene is commonly used fuel in lamps, lanterns, and stoves.

Like most of the petroleum derivatives, Kerosene has a very strong, staying smell. The smell sticks and stays on the object that comes into contact with Kerosene. If kerosene is improperly stored, its odor quickly spreads into the atmosphere and stays there for longer periods.

If Kerosene spills on your room floor or clothing, its smell vexes you for long. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to get rid of Kerosene’s rather obstinate and stubborn smell. The problem of Kerosene’s stubborn smell often troubles the fire performers, the people dealing in pyrotechnics, and the people working at gasoline stations.

Kerosene’s smell is not only annoying, but it can cause several health problems also. Its smell releases toxic fumes that cause pulmonary damage. It can also be allergic to some people. If you are also troubled by strong smell of kerosene, or if you are highly allergic to kerosene smell, here are some easy tips get rid of kerosene smell.

1. Store kerosene oil properly. Improperly stored kerosene oil will keep on spreading its notorious smell, which may annoy you persistently.

2. Wash your clothes with some powerful detergent, if kerosene gets spilt on your cloths. It is recommended that such clothes should be dried in strong sun.

3. Clean your floor properly and immaculately, if kerosene gets spilt on floor. You can use several cleaning chemicals or products that are specially manufactured to kill the smell of kerosene. You can find a number of such products available on the market.

4. It is very difficult to remove the smell of Kerosene from several absorbent surfaces, such as wood and carpet. In such cases, you must hire professional clanging services. The pro cleaners have right kind of tools and equipment, which can help you get rid of kerosene smell.

5. Alcohol and Ammonia can help to remove kerosene smell from you skin. Alcohol can break the carbon bonds in kerosene, and can thus help to remove kerosene smell. A weak solution of ammonia and water can also help to kill kerosene smell. Ammonia should not be use, if it has bad reaction on your skin.

Kerosene is undoubtedly one of the most useful commodities, but it could be irritating and unwholesome, if handled carelessly. Handling it carefully can really keep you safe from exasperating smell of Kerosene.

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4 Comments on “How to Get Rid of Kerosene Smell?”

Sharyn wrote:

A kerosene lamp was knocked off a shelf and shattered on my garage floor. After cleaning up the mess as best as I could, I sprinkled kitty litter over the area. Is there anything on the market that will take the smell out of the garage and off the floor? It made a big mess and covers a large area of the garage floor.

Willie wrote:

My wife was cleaning in our bedroom and the vacuum hose knocked over an antique oil lamp causing lamp oil to spill on a beautiful pine dresser. She has tried several wood cleaners to get up the smell to no avail. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what we should do to get the smell out of the wood. This is an extremely heavy dresser. I have just had shoulder surgery and am not able to get this out of the house to let it sit in the sun. Please, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

sandra wright wrote:

I use a kerosene heater in the winter, how do you calm down the smell it gives off when lit? Any information will be appreciated.

Carol wrote:

I have a monitor that uses kerosene. Ice fell off the roof & busted the line from my tank to house. No kerosene spilled in my home But the smell is still in my house. I have opened all doors & windows But the smell will not go away. I need to get rid of it

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