How To Get Rid Of Laryngitis?

Laryngitis may be a “simple” sore throat. It may also be a sign of something more serious and can last for a long time if not treated properly. Begin your program of getting rid of laryngitis by knowing the difference between chronic and acute types of this malady.

Acute laryngitis may have a viral infection at its source. This condition can also be a side effect of such diseases as measles or mumps. You might also develop inflammation of the throat because of a bacterial infection. In addition, it is possible to cause the throat to become raw and inflamed when you overuse it, scream loudly and so on.

Chronic laryngitis is a different, longer and continuous story. When inflammation, pain and difficulty swallowing last for several weeks, the cause may be smoking, fumes from a workplace etc. Public speakers, singers and others who use their voices often (and at higher volumes) may also develop chronic laryngitis.

Watch for Signs
LaryngitisIf you feel throat pain, notice your voice is weaker than usual or if the throat is dry you may be developing laryngitis. Some people cough quite often and feel a “tickling” sensation in the throat. With the two types of laryngitis in mind, as mentioned above, a doctor will begin to look for causes. In some cases they will take a throat swab to see if there is infection to be dealt with. Close observation with a light source can show a medical expert what is causing the problem.

If a bacterial infection is the cause, you may need to use prescription antibiotics. These won’t have much effect against viral infection however. If you need your voice immediately the doctor may try a steroidal treatment to reduce inflamed tissue and lessen the discomfort of a sore throat.

Self Help
You might be able to find some relief with a hot shower, keeping as much of the steam inside as possible. You can also breathe steam from a container of hot water. This may provide some relief from pain and inflammation. Of course, while you are trying these methods, don’t use your voice any more than absolutely necessary. Your voice box (larynx) is sensitive and is often affected when sore throat sets in.

You should not only drink plenty of water and maybe some citrus juices, you may also want to try the traditional remedy of gargling with salt water. This last method should reduce inflammation, reduce some of the pain and may even kill some bacteria that are hanging around.

You can prevent laryngitis in the first place by drinking plenty of water and other natural juices, not overusing your voice or yelling excessively and giving up tobacco products. Even if smoking doesn’t cause serious health problems it can certainly contribute to sore throat and chronic laryngitis. See a doctor immediately if your sore throat continues for more than a day or two. With laryngitis it is better to be safe than sorry.

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