How To Get Rid Of Leather Smell?

Some of you may ask why anyone would want to get rid of leather smell. Isn’t this one of the most pleasant aromas we can encounter in our lives? The answer may be “yes” and “no.” In limited quantity and on certain occasions, the smell of leather can be welcome and enjoyable. Perhaps you have enjoyed the nice leather aroma for awhile and now want to enjoy your clothing or furniture without the smell.

When the smell is too strong and almost overwhelms us we may need to take some steps to reduce the smell or get rid of it altogether. When quality leather is processed well and made into a nice jacket or other item the leather smell can linger for many years. So, if you decide you don’t want that aroma to linger around you when you wear your leather apparel, carry your leather shoulder bag or sit on your leather-covered furniture, you will need to take some steps to reduce the smell.

Be Patient
If you have a new leather item the best way to “get rid of” the smell is to wait. New, quality leather will carry its unique aroma for some time, but the smell will eventually disappear. It may take years, but if you wait long enough you will find the smell is gone. You could try covering the smell or “masking” it, as it is called by some. If you stop using the masking product the leather smell will return, of course.

Leather SmellNot only that, but some products used to cover up other odors have oil or other chemicals that can leave a residue or even a stain if not used sparingly. Some people have found the smell of the masking agent is “worse” than the leather smell. A few people even find they are allergic to some ingredient in the masking product.

If the leather item is stationery, such as a piece of furniture, you might try air fresheners available at almost every store. You could also use aromatic candles and/or potpourri. If the leather smell is just too strong you can use any number of products that cover the smell with another aroma.

Some people go back to the manufacturer or supplier for leather conditioners and maintenance lotions/oils that not only keep the leather in top condition but also reduce the leather smell. These products are available at western-wear/tack shops because they are widely used for maintaining saddles, bridles, boots etc.

If you don’t want to buy one of these products or don’t have access to them, try placing your leather jacket or shoulder bag in a tightly closed container with a small amount of baking soda in a separate container. You can also use this method by placing the leather item in a pillow case or other large cloth bag.

Finally, some people suggest using a fabric/laundry product that removes odors from washing machines and clothing. Some of the leather smell may be removed by placing the item in a closed container with charcoal. This natural product is great at filtering smells.

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