How To Get Rid Of Love Bugs?

When we start on the path to getting rid of love bugs we are not going to talk about destroying evidence of the Disney movies from the 1960s and 1970s that featured a brightly painted Volkswagen that had a life (and a mind) of its own. Herbie was a love bug, the slang term applied to the Volkswagen Beetle of decades ago.

No, we are going to discuss how to get rid of a real insect, one that sometimes seems to be everywhere. As we find ways to eliminate these pesky bugs or at least reduce their numbers, we should keep in mind that they are not known to bite or sting like many other insects. It’s just that they are so small and so plentiful!

Can We Do It?
First of all, we need to find out what insect and extermination experts say about getting rid of love bugs. To summarize the professional opinion: We may not be able to eliminate them all, simply because they come in such huge numbers and are so small they seem to fill the air in clouds. One story about love bugs even stated that the most damaging storms, with wind and rain, can’t even drive all love bugs away. The little bugs just hide deep in the grass or in the crevices provided by tree bark and literally wait out the storm.

Here are a few things you can try:
If you see that hundreds of these tiny bugs are congregating on the outside walls of your home or garage you can drive most of them away with a strong stream from your garden hose. In effect, you shoot them down. As long as the walls are damp you will have discouraged the love bugs enough to keep them from coming back. You can also drive them off by washing the walls with soapy water or even pouring water/soap mixes directly on swarms. Blowing them away with a strong electric fan will work as well.

Love bugsUnfortunately, these may only be temporary solutions. Remember, even the experts know that love bugs are so plentiful their return is almost a sure thing. You may be able to find some relief from love bugs with insect spray on surfaces where they normally congregate. Spray the outside of your doors and windows. This, and the water or fan ideas, can drive them away and might keep them from getting inside the home.

For other infestations, you might get some relief with those special citrus candles used for keeping mosquitoes away. You can also get some relief with a home-made insect spray. Use a lemon-scent liquid soap and mix it with a little bit of water to make it spray easily. This can drive the bugs away, for awhile.

If you find a lot of these little bugs inside the house you may be able to get rid of them with a vacuum cleaner. Make sure your dispose of the bag or empty the container outside. It will help to spray the bugs while in the bag or container, using your home-made spray or a mild insecticide. Do this outside, and then dispose of the critters.

If the bugs seem to be congregating on the light-colored outside walls, you might be able to discourage them by painting the house a different color. In addition, you should keep your lawn mowed as short as possible so you don’t provide them with a deep, dark hiding place. These conditions contribute to large populations of love bugs.

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