How To Get Rid Of Love Handles?

Love handles – the common, somewhat humorous name given to those extra pounds we carry around our waists. This collection of extra skin and fat usually comes with age, primarily because we continue to eat the same foods we ate when we are younger. The problem comes with age because our metabolism slows down as we age and we don’t exercise as much. The pounds seem to collect around our waists and hips.

Less Body Fat
While some of us get excited about losing three or four pounds in the first week of a diet or new exercise program, the truth is we have probably just eliminated some extra water weight or a few pounds of matter collected in the intestines. The key real weight loss is reduction of body fat. This is the only method that can really eliminate love handles.

If you are generally thin in the rest of the body but still have those small rolls of fat around your waist, you should be able to reduce them with specific, focused exercises. Look for activity that concentrates on muscles called latissimus and oblique. Key factors in this program are patience and persistence. You will need to combine the correct exercises with changes in diet and nutrition. In other words, don’t expect miracles from quick-loss diets or some expensive over-the-counter pill. You will need discipline to get rid of love handles and even more discipline to keep them from coming back.

Calories, Aerobic Exercise
Love HandlesStart by keeping track of the calories you eat. Even a general guideline for the types of foods you should be eating will be better than simply guessing at how many calories you are taking in. Devote a little extra time to determining the calorie content of most of your favorite foods then start cutting things out until you get to something less than 2,000 calories per day. Don’t go below 1,500 calories per day or you could be causing problems with energy and clarity of thought. Don’t crash diet or fast to get rid of love handles.

The best items to include in a “no love handles” diet are lean meats, fruits, vegetables, fish etc. Breads, pastries, sugars and foods with saturated fats should be limited or eliminated. But you will have to combine this dietary change with the right kind of exercise. Aerobic exercise is the key – walking, jogging or similar indoor programs must be used consistently to burn fat. This type of exercise will give better results than sit-ups, crunches and other abdominal exercise. You need to eliminate fat first before you tone muscles with specific abdomen programs.

We mentioned patience and persistence earlier. If your love handles are small you may see results in a couple of weeks, with the correct combination of diet and exercise. If the fat has collected in larger amounts you may not see results for several weeks. A continue program over several months will reduce those love handles. You should continue the activities and lifestyle after your love handles are gone. If you don’t, they are quite likely to come back.

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