How To Get Rid Of Low Lung Capacity?

Everyone needs sufficient lung capacity to be active and efficient during their day. This is one of the basic functions of the human body that many people ignore or pay little attention too. Yet getting enough oxygen into our blood stream may be the most important factor in leading a long and healthy life.

If you find yourself short of breath you should immediately begin looking for the root cause. One of the obvious causes of reduced lung capacity is inhaling smoke from cigarettes. Our lungs take in the oxygen from the air we breathe, taking this essential gas in through tiny air sacs and blood vessels in the lungs. Cigarette smoke and air pollutions damage these sensitive areas and cut down on the amount of air we can take in.

Some people find themselves short of breath because of illness. In these situations, the best thing to do is focus on the cause of the illness then combine that treatment with a recommended program for increasing lung capacity. People may also lose lung capacity because of age or lack of physical activity during their lives. In many cases, these individuals can increase lung capacity by taking some of the correct steps.

Do This!
LungsIf you find yourself short of breath, you have reduced your lung capacity beyond what your body can stand. If you smoke, stop! This will take you a long way toward increasing your lungs’ ability to process oxygen. Of course, it is tough to do this, but there is little to be done to increase lung capacity if you continue to be a regular smoker. You’ll need to clean up those lungs as much as possible before you can help them work at a great capacity.

If smoking is not the problem, you might be able to start some basic breathing exercise that will help expand lung capacity. In fact, there are a few deep-breathing techniques and exercise programs designed specifically for improving lung capacity. These include aerobic exercise as well as deep breathing while sitting or standing comfortably.

You will have to be patient. Focus on your breathing plan or exercise program on a daily basis and allow yourself several weeks for significant improvement. If your shortness of breath is the result of allergy, asthma or some other disease you should consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise program. The doctor can tailor your plan to fit what is healthy for you.

If you are healthy enough to engage in recreational swimming, basketball, tennis or running, you can improve your lung capacity. There are some in-home exercise programs for improving lung capacity as well. Talk with your doctor about these DVD programs or books that are meant to help those with shortness of breath.

In addition to these activities you should start changing any habits that might contribute negatively to your overall health. You will find that a few changes in diet and daily schedule will also give you more energy. This is often the result of increased lung capacity and more efficient heart beat.

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