How To Get Rid Of Mites?

There are many kinds of mites. In order to get rid of them, you will need to know just what kind of mite you are dealing with. For example, when someone mentions the word “mite” we commonly think of the dust mites that are in all our homes. These do contribute to allergies, to sneezing and eye irritation.

But we may want to give some thought to other types of mites as well. Some people may be bothered by ear mites or some other small pest that causes us problems. As we discuss getting rid of mites, we should at least keep in mind the scabies mite and a few other types. All of these can be removed from the premises or have their numbers reduced.

We should also understand that most of the problems that mites cause are not the result of just having some mites around. It’s the decaying excrement they leave behind that is most troublesome.

Be Gone, Mite!
Dust mites must be eliminated by a thorough cleaning and regular housekeeping. Furniture should be dusted, fabrics and carpets should be treated with shampoo and corners should be cleaned and dusted on a regular basis. Most modern homes have thick rugs or carpet that provides a perfect home for these little mites. If you can use man-made fabrics rather than cotton you will discourage some of the dust mite population. Remember, dry, dark dusty conditions are perfect for the dust mite. Get rid of them and feel better!

MitesEar mites are a different story. As the name implies, these tiny pests infest the ears of your family pet (cat or dog). You can get rid of most of the problem with some mineral oil and a dropper to put the oil in the pet’s ears. If you gently massage the ears after this treatment you have taken a giant step toward reducing the annoying ear-mite problem.

Spider mites are a problem for gardeners. Many of these folks have used predatory mites to control the spider mite population. Talk with your local garden/biology expert and see if they can help you with this natural control. Scabies is an itching condition that is caused by mites. You can buy creams that have sulfur as the active ingredient for treating this condition. When you go to the store to find a suitable product, ask about Lindane.

If you are just starting your journey toward getting rid of mites in the home or on your property, consider pesticide treatment. You may need to resort to this type of mite extermination, however, you should take great care when using chemicals. Some of the treatments that will kill a large portion of the mite population may also be harmful to smaller pets, especially of the feline family.

You may want to ask a veterinarian or other expert about insecticidal soap or the use of hot water and detergent to get rid of mites. This may be effective in a pet’s bedding or on furniture where a pet has rested.

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