How To Get Rid Of Mud Stains?

As the saying goes, where there’s life, there’s mud. Dirt, stains, mud – they are all part of living day to day. This is especially true if you have children around the house. Many youngsters enjoy playing with mud, dirt or in water puddles. Dirt and mud will be found somewhere along the way, even if the children are engaged in some other activity.

With this in mind, parents, grandparents, babysitters and school personnel all need to know some of the best ways to get rid of mud stains (from cleaning hands and arms to washing clothing and cleaning off shoes). In many cases, it is enough to give the hands and arms a good wash with soap and warm water. A washcloth on the face generally does the trick there.

When shoes are caked with mud, we sometimes have to scrape off the worst of it then wash the rest with paper towels and water. Some tennis shoes and other canvas footwear can be washed when they are stained with mud residue as well.

But Then…
Mud StainsThere are times when these simple washing techniques don’t get all the brown/yellow color of mud stains out of clothing. That may be the time to go to such cleaning products as Borax and baking soda. Make sure you have plenty of clear, fresh water ready, after you have removed the bulk of mud and dirt. Use a kitchen knife or other blade instrument (not too sharp) and scrape away most of the mud.

Use a potato from your pantry to help you get the stain out! That’s right. Cut a potato in half and rub the stained area with the freshly cut part of the potato. The juice of a potato can help get the stain out during regular washing. Let the article of clothing sit with the juice on it for a few minutes.

Mix water – 4 cups, Borax -1 cup and baking soda – 1 cup. Soak the clothing in the solution for a couple of hours. Wring out the excess water and wash the clothing as you would on a normal cycle. The stains should be loosened enough from the soaking solution that a regular washing will produce clothes that are very clean.

Simple Steps
Let the mud dry before trying to get it off of clothing. You might just smear the stain around the clothing if you try to remove the mud too quickly. If you want to get the mud off right away, scrape it carefully with a knife or similar object. In addition to the mixture described above, you can pre-treat the stained area with a commercial stain remover. Be sure to follow the directions carefully. There are plenty of options for spray-on, gel or stain sticks. There are also some good stain lifters that mimic the action of dry cleaning. These can also be used in addition to the home remedies and over-the-counter products already mentioned. The key to removing mud stains is to let the mud dry and then get to the stain as quickly as possible.

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