How To Get Rid Of Mustard Stains?

Food stains and sauce stains vary as much as the ingredients used. There are methods for dealing with most of these but you have to be very specific about the items you use to return your clothing or tablecloth to its original condition. This is certainly true when it comes to getting rid of mustard stains. Mustard from the plant is mixed with water and other liquids, along with flavors, spices etc. to create a number of different kinds of mustard.

Most mustard contains a specific type of dye to give it color. In many cases the yellow color comes from turmeric. While this ingredient is a natural part of mustard seed some companies add even more to their processed mustard spreads. Because this dye clings to fabric so well, mustard stains may be difficult to remove. In fact, if you leave it on the fabric for too long it may be impossible to remove.

Read the Labels
Make sure you follow stain removal and laundry instructions on the clothing label. In addition, you should carefully follow the stain-removal instructions on the products you use. Tip: Don’t use cleaning products and stain-removal products that contain ammonia. Experience tells us that ammonia actually sets the stain of turmeric in the fabric.

Mustard StainsAs mentioned earlier, it is important to treat a mustard stain as soon as possible. Try to start treating it when the mustard spot is still moist. As with many dark stains it is important to dab or blot the stain rather than rub it. Rubbing pushes the color into the fabric and helps set the stain. Use a pre-treatment product available over the counter and then wash the clothing or other fabric. Be sure to follow the laundry instructions for the clothing item.

More Ideas
If this pre-treatment and regular washing doesn’t get rid of the stain you may have to treat it as you would a dried, older stain. Get the dried crust off the fabric, if there is some remnant of mustard. Water and other liquids could break down this crust and enlarge the stain. Scrape the excess, dried mustard off with a stiff piece of plastic or something else that won’t damage your clothing or tablecloth. Be very careful to get all the remnants of dried mustard off the item.

Soak the item in a mix of standard dishwashing liquid and denatured alcohol. The best mixture is three parts of detergent/soap to one part alcohol. Rinse the clothing item or tablecloth in hot water. Repeat the process if some of the stain is still visible. You can use bleach on items for which bleaching is safe. This is best on white items. Don’t use bleach on clothing items that are “color fast.”

Enzymatic cleaners, white vinegar and oxalic acid cleaners might be used to get rid of mustard stains. Some people have had success with hydrogen peroxide. If you have heard of people using rust-removal products on old mustard stains, you have heard of a method that works in many cases. However, these products can be toxic and should be used with great care.

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