How To Get Rid Of Nose Hair?

People love hair – if it is in the right place and is the right length. These limits certainly apply to nose hair! Men are bothered by nose hair because of the mix of hormones in the male body. The male of the species often has hair growing on the ears and in the nose, two places where the modern man doesn’t really need the warmth and protection of a fur coat! A comfortable amount of hair protection is sufficient.

The condition will probably get worse as a man ages, so men have to watch for signs of increased hair growth in the nose as the years pass. How do we get rid of hair that makes us uncomfortable or unattractive? Plucking and trimming are the only real answers to this question.

While trimming and plucking are the most effective methods for getting rid of nose hair it isn’t wise to get rid of all the nose hair. The sensitive skin tissue inside the nose needs some protection to keep it from drying out. Not only that, nose hairs act as filters for dust and pollen that enters our noses when we breathe. If we had no hair in the nose at all we would probably have a lot more problems with nose bleeds and allergic reactions.

Start Looking
Nose HairOne of the best ways to control nose hair growth and get rid of excess nose hair is to look every morning. Stand close to the mirror, with strong light shining on your face, and inspect the nostrils. If there are a few long strands or if the passage seems to be blocked, carefully cut away a few strands with a small pair of scissors. Again, don’t overdo it! If you need a magnifying mirror or an extra pair of hands to do the job correctly, ask a family member.

Some advice about getting rid of nose hair emphasizes the use of tools other than scissors and tweezers. This is generally good advice, though small scissors can be used safely if you are very careful. Tweezers are not a good idea, however. This can be painful and can even cause irritation and inflammation of the sensitive tissue inside the nostrils.

Your best bet may be an electric trimmer designed for small areas like the nose or the ears. In fact, a few companies make tools specifically for grooming and trimming nose hairs. Use the right tools and avoid injury and discomfort. This option may cost a few extra dollars but it will pay off in the long run. (These tools are safer than scissors too!)

Creams, Lotions
We mentioned that tweezers should be the last choice for getting rid of nose hair. You may want to try one of the specific creams made for removing nose hair. However, you must be sure that the product is designed for this sensitive area. Some chemical-removal products are too strong or have a strong odor. Shop carefully when you are considering a nose-hair removal product like this. The nostrils are a very sensitive area of the body. Treat them with care.

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