How To Get Rid Of Onion Smell?

There are basically two sides to the onion “issue.” Some people like them, a lot. Others don’t care for them at all and won’t include them in any meal or recipe. We should also consider another idea about onions that seems to occupy people from time to time – how to get rid of onion smell.

While this aroma may not be the worst we can encounter in our lives, onion smell is something we probably want to eliminate as quickly as possible. When we have sliced onions during meal preparation or used onions in a recipe, the odor lingers in the air for quite some time. You should be able to get some immediate “relief” from the smell of onions by lighting a kitchen match, holding it for a few seconds, then blowing it out. The burning sulfur and other parts of the match should mask much of the onion smell.

Prevention, Eradication
One thing you can do to reduce the smell of onions is burn a scented candle or two while slicing onions or cooking with onions. Keep the candles close to your counter top or cutting board for best results. In addition to using such benign remedies as matches and candles, you might also try coffee. The best way to get results with coffee grounds is to grind some fresh beans and set these out in two or three places as you work with onions. The more pleasant aroma of fresh coffee will mask the smell of onions.
Onion Smell
In the world of “how to,” vinegar is one of the most important home remedies. Some people have suggested boiling vinegar in a small pan to get rid of onion smell. This is an interesting solution because onions release a strong odor from sulfide gases when they are cut. Vinegar has a strong odor that is not always the most pleasant to experience but it will over-ride the smell of onions in many situations.

Air, Please!
In addition to one of the simple suggestions already mentioned you should probably open the windows to allow the onion smell to mix with fresh air from outside. You may even want to do this for a short time in winter. You can also help get rid of onion smell by keeping the air circulating in the home. If you have a forced-air furnace, run the fan for a short time. Put a small, free-standing fan in the doorway of your kitchen to pull the air out.

Other things that will help reduce the smell of onions include: keep the onions cool – this will reduce the strength of the onion odor; peel the onion before storing it in the refrigerator; use baking soda or a dab of toothpaste if you are trying to get the onion smell off of your hands. In general, use anything that will mask the smell of onions and give you an odor that is at least more pleasant. Parsley will help reduce onion smell on your breath.

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