How To Get Rid Of Opossums?

Opossums can be interesting, odd and persistent. One of the more interesting things about ‘possums is: they have a low body temperature and consequently they seldom carry rabies. They are odd because they are the only marsupial native to the North American continent. (Marsupials are animals that carry their young in a pouch.)

But in this case, we are concerned about that third characteristic: persistence. Opossums aren’t the most beautiful animal in the world. For this reason, most people just don’t want them hanging around their property. In addition, opossums tend to dig into your trash and eat food left out on the porch for family pets. If an opossum finds that food and shelter are regularly available in one location it may make a home in a shed or garage, or even under your porch.

Don’t Feed Them
One of the first things you will have to do to get rid of opossums is eliminate the food that seems to be attracting them. Many families have found that dry dog food or cat food left on the porch for the family pet serves a completely different clientele. Opossums have been known to clean out a pet-food dish, leaving the dog or cat hungry. Pet owners might go several days before they figure out that the family pet isn’t the one cleaning up the food dish every night.

OpossumsIf you have to feed the family canine or feline outside, keep a close watch on the food dish and don’t leave food out overnight. The pet may have to change its eating habits slightly but at least you won’t be feeding an unwelcome opossum. If you have trash and garbage on your property make sure it is kept in tightly sealed containers. Keep the lids on garbage cans and make sure they fit tightly. If you have fruit trees and vegetables, make sure the fallen items are picked up every day. Opossums are scavengers, so you should do all you can to avoid giving them a reason to stick around.

These critters will also find places to sleep that you wouldn’t think of at first. If you have brush piled up on your property you may be providing an opossum perfect shelter. If the animals can get under your porch they will establish a home there. Do you have an old shed or garage with gaps between boards or space under the floor? That could be an opossum’s home too.

Other Methods
You can also try to trap the opossum. There are traps specifically for this animal that work rather well when baited with some cat food, ripe fruit or vegetable. If you do capture an opossum don’t remove the animal from the trap with your hands. Take the trap several miles from your home, into an uninhabited area, and simply open the trap door. If an opossum is residing under the porch or in a shed, soak a couple of towels or rags with ammonia and place them as close to the den as possible. This may be enough to drive the animal away.

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