How To Get Rid Of Paint Smells?

You don’t have to treat the symptoms of paint odors and fumes in your home or workspace. You may have tried to live with paint smells while treating your eyes, nose and lungs with things to get rid of the irritation. But now it is time to take the next step and get rid of the smells before they start causing problems for you and your family.

The first thing you can do to eliminate paint smells is provide a little more ventilation in the work area. This may mean opening a window, starting up a fan or both. Try to get fresh air in and paint-smelling air out. If you can stand a little bit of hot air or cold air (depending on the season) leave the door or windows open to the elements while you use paint. This is a great place to start when you want to breathe fresh air instead of the fumes from your painting project.

Painting or Cooking?
One of the most interesting methods for getting rid of paint smells (while you are using the paint) is to mask it with some pure vanilla extract. This strong, pleasant aroma can be used to reduce the fumes and odors from paint. Simply add a tablespoon of extract to one gallon of paint. Mix it with the paint so that there is no color or texture change. It is a simple but effective method of getting rid of some paint smell.

Paint SmellsIf you want to go beyond the vanilla method, or just don’t have any vanilla on hand, you might want to try some of these alternatives. First of all, try buying a different kind of paint. Some brands and mixtures have a much stronger odor than others. The smell depends on the ingredients and additives used to enhance color or help the paint cover the surface you are working on. Talk with your hardware or paint-store expert about paints that will do the job for you without the overpowering odor of paint.

In fact, you may be able to buy “odor free” paint from your favorite store or a store nearby. These brands use very little solvent and other ingredients that contribute to the strong smell. You may notice a slightly different finish when you use these brands but you have accomplished your goal of freeing your home or workspace from paint smell.

Other Ideas
We have already looked at the idea of using vanilla extract to mask the smell of paint. It certainly works, when the amount is used correctly. You can also use peppermint oils or other mint extracts that will do the same job as vanilla. Another way to get rid of some of that powerful paint odor is to use charcoal. This is an almost universal filtering agent. It’s even been used in home air filters to remove such strong odors as ammonia!

Crush up some good quality charcoal (use plenty) and place them in a container with some wet towels or rags. Let this bucket or pan stand in the room overnight. Charcoal will draw a lot of the fumes from the paint. You should notice the difference when you enter the freshly painted room the next morning. By the way, a scented candle can help too!

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