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How To Get Rid Of Pill Bugs?

What is a pill bug and why does it have such an odd name? We will try to answer those questions and also provide a few suggestions on how to get rid of these little pests. Most people are familiar with this bug even though they may not recognize the name. Just think of those little gray/brown fellows that roll up into a tight ball when you get close to them. What do they look like when they are rolled up – a pill?

That’s a pill bug. They aren’t really a threat to humans or animals. But people still think of them as bugs (!) and want to get rid of them. Of course, the best way to keep all insect pests out of your home is to keep the household spotlessly clean. This is all but impossible if we want to live comfortably so we may have to resort to pesticides.

Pill BugsPill bugs are attracted to damp areas of the home and to places where there is dust and very little light. These pests feed on small bits of decaying food or other matter and also need moisture that might be present in certain dark, damp places. As we mentioned, regular cleaning of the home is one good way to get rid of pill bugs. Pay particular attention to little-used corners, closets and pantry areas.

Many people discover that pill bugs like the garage, storage shed and some areas of the lawn. In addition to keeping the inside of the home clean so pill bugs aren’t attracted, homeowners should give some attention to outside areas as well. Watering plants and washing the exterior of the home can provide moisture that will attract pill bugs. Cleaning the storage areas and garage on a regular basis should help as well. Some homeowners have had success pouring dry sand in areas where pill bugs might be found.

You may have to resort to commercial insecticides to get rid of a major infestation of pill bugs. These products will also eliminate some of the other insect pests you find around your home. But you should always wear protective clothing when applying these products. They can be harmful to humans and pets.

Talk to the professional at your lawn-and-garden shop about the right kind of chemical product for getting rid of pill bugs. There may be a non-toxic, organic solution to your problem, so you may be able to avoid dangerous chemicals. Insecticides are available in granules and aerosol cans. Learn all you can about the pests and the different types of products available before you choose a brand.

If you find that pill bug numbers inside the home are increasing you may be able to get rid of them and keep them outside by strategically placing plant and vegetable waste near a garden, far from the home. This may attract the pill bug population and rid your home of these little bugs. These are just a few suggestions on how to get rid of pill bugs.