How To Get Rid Of Pneumonia?

There are really two or three parts to this short exercise in learning. We need to understand what pneumonia is but we also need to know how to prevent it. Then we need to know what to do to reduce the symptoms and even help our bodies get rid of this often-serious medical condition.

According to medical texts pneumonia is a lung infection that might be caused by bacteria, virus, fungi, parasites or a combination of these. People who suffer from pneumonia may experience an elevated body temperature (fever) along with chills, cough, breathing difficulty, chest pains and lack of appetite.

Get Rid of It!
If you or someone close to you already has been diagnosed with pneumonia there are a few steps that should be taken right away. Try to keep other family members and friends away from the infected person so that this condition is not spread beyond the source. That is probably the best way to “get rid” of pneumonia in a larger group of people.

It’s also important to make sure everyone who might be affected is vaccinated against specific causes of pneumonia, if possible. The “patient” should make an effort to drink plenty of fresh water and natural juices in order to keep the body hydrated. If your doctor has determined that there is a bacterial infection, it may be necessary to use antibiotics to battle against this cause.

PneumoniaThere are a few things we can do for ourselves when pneumonia strikes. These can be listed under the home remedy or self-help categories. A particular type of tea is known to help battle against fever often associated with pneumonia. Try a tea made with fenugreek seeds. It may be wise to learn a bit about possible side effects of this particular source of vitamins and minerals. Learn more about parsnips and the juice of this unique plant. It seems this may be beneficial to the lungs and bronchial system.

Here are some fruit and vegetable ideas for use during bouts of pneumonia:
• Carrot juice
• Fruit juice/warm water mixture
• Fresh fruits, especially after fever breaks
• Raw vegetables

Because pneumonia attacks the breathing apparatus of the human body it is important to provide good ventilation in the rooms where a patient is staying. Fresh air is great. Filtered air might be even better. It’s important to avoid dust, excess humidity, excessive heat and excessive cold when suffering from pneumonia. Comfort in breathing is the goal.

In summary, it is essential to visit a doctor immediately when you have pneumonia, for several reasons. A doctor should be able to determine if the cause is bacterial, viral or some form of fungus. This is crucial information because it will guide treatment until all symptoms have disappeared. In addition, you should rest as much as possible and don’t overtax the lungs, bronchial system etc. Take time to get an influenza vaccination, as the common respiratory flu can sometimes contribute to pneumonia.

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