How To Get Rid Of Powder Post Beetles?

If you see evidence of something boring into your wood items, you may be the victim of powder post beetles or wood boring beetles. These pests can cause serious damage to furniture and to your home. In some cases, these beetles can destroy valuable property.

As with most problems of this nature, the best thing to do is prevent the beetles from damaging your wood in the first place. Dried lumber that has been stored for a long time might be perfect for these beetles. It would be best to get rid of lumber and unused items that have been infested, rather than taking chances with furniture or wood floors that are still in good condition. It’s best not to incorporate old wood into the design or remodeling of your home.

Eggs in Wood
Most of the time, powder post beetles will lay eggs on bare wood. Unfinished wood is prime beetle territory. Only when you paint or seal your wood items have you protected them from this type of infestation. Any small, unfinished surface may provide an entryway for powder post beetles. Clean furniture and other wood thoroughly before finishing it. This will prevent many infestations and may end one that just started.

You may be able to use an insecticide to get rid of these beetles. When you have finished items, treat them with the right “bug killer” so that pests emerging will be controlled. Some of these chemicals kill the adult beetles that might otherwise attack the furniture. If the larvae hatch from eggs and try to bore into your furniture they can also be killed with the proper insecticide.

Borate or Replace?
Powder Post BeetlesOne item that seems to be particularly effective in beetle treatment is borate. Use this on decks, rafters, wall studs etc. before painting or finishing. It’s possible to use borate effectively even when you have used some stains on decks and siding. You will probably need to power wash the wood surface first to get past the water repellant.

Of course, the other alternative is replacement. If you find that wood furniture or parts of your home are damaged beyond treatment you may have to replace them. In some cases you might see beetle boring holes in only one sheet of paneling or one post. It is best to replace this immediately, before the beetles have a chance to move to another fresh piece of wood.

Powder post beetles need moisture to survive so it is a good idea to keep your home environment at the correct humidity level. Don’t allow furniture and walls to become excessively moist. Keep crawl spaces, basements and attics well ventilated. If the powder post beetle infestations is advanced it may be necessary to have a professional exterminator fumigate the home or large items of furniture. This can be expensive but it may be the only way to really get rid of powder post beetles.

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