How To Get Rid Of Racism?

Many people consider racism a disease that infects society, just as bacteria and viruses infect our bodies. From this viewpoint, racism is a “thing” to get rid of. Eliminating diseases from the body requires going to the source and treating the real cause. We only get temporary relief from treating the symptoms.

The same can be said of racism. We can stop people from showing their racist beliefs in society but this is only treating the symptoms. To get rid of racism we have to go to the source and change the basic ways that racism is “born” and grows in our world.

Acting Out
It’s true that racism is become obvious when people take their beliefs “public.” It becomes visible when prejudice (ideas, theories) becomes behavior. So, to get rid of racism we have to work on the prejudice, the theories and ideas that are the true cause of racial problems in a society. It’s not enough to stop the action.

Individuals who have beliefs and ideas that could be defined as racism can reduce the problems in society by keeping those ideas in their minds and homes. People are certainly free to believe what they want to believe and even to say what they want to say. But when individuals take these beliefs to the next level and act out in public and against others, racism becomes a social disease.

Beyond Ourselves
RacisimKnowledge is important when we consider racism. In general, people need to learn more about other countries and other cultures. This helps open our minds so that we can see others as no better, no less – just different. In addition, individuals should avoid talking about other races and cultures in a negative way. This includes jokes told to get a reaction from friends and family members.

As for our relationships with those we view as being racist or those who are obviously acting in a racist manner, we have to have the courage to talk with them, challenge their beliefs and explain the truth to them. This does not include physical confrontations and other actions that only inflame the situation. Those who are open-minded and tolerant should also avoid supporting individuals and businesses that promote racism. Sometimes the most effective action treats the issue as a financial one.

Civic Action
Individuals shouldn’t necessarily view civil actions as being courageous. We should look at our anti-racism activity as being necessary – the duty of a good citizen. If you see physical signs of racism – symbols drawn on walls, crosses on lawns etc. it is important to do what you can to get them removed. If the items are on private property we may have to get government officials involved.

Remember, getting rid of racism is an ongoing process that must focus on the real causes, such as ideas, beliefs, educational systems etc. Of course we should try to stop outward signs of racism – treating the symptoms of any disease is crucial to get relief. But long-term solutions have to deal with the root causes. This will take time.

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3 Comments on “How To Get Rid Of Racism?”

Adriana wrote:

Racism is a world wide problem, we need to break the barriers that divide peoples classes. What I mean would be like culture barriers

Dr Sanjeev Dhakal wrote:

The disease racism is psychological, in my opinion this type of racist thinking comes if individual becomes insecure in the society.

ovn wrote:

i wish racism was never a thing and that we can treat each other with respect.

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