How To Get Rid Of Refrigerator Smells?

For many years people have used an open box of baking soda to absorb odors that seem to hang around inside the much-used refrigerator. But there are some cleaning issues involved that can help make even the oldest refrigerator smell fresh and clean.

When baking soda isn’t enough to get the smells out of the inside lining of the “fridge” you may have to turn to some stronger methods. If the odor are mild to medium in strength a bit of bleach mixed in water will usually do the trick. Remove everything from the shelves and wash down the entire interior with the mixture. This means washing the walls, back, door and all the shelves.

If bleach seems to be a bit strong for you, try lemon juice with water. This mild acid will go a long way toward cleaning the inside of the refrigerator and can leave a pleasant lemon aroma behind.

If these two methods don’t work, you can always try a commercial cleaning product. There are several that will be more than strong enough to clean the inside of the refrigerator and some even have a pleasant smell. If you use a strong cleaning product or bleach make sure to give the inside of the appliance time to dry completely and “air out” so that you aren’t confronted by a chemical smell when you open the refrigerator later.

Little-Used Ideas
Refrigerator SmellsBleach, lemon juice and retail cleaners are commonly used to clean out refrigerators. Baking soda is a helpful tool in reducing odors. But there are a few other methods that can help remove odors without a major cleaning. Once you have cleaned out the inside of the refrigerator try placing four or five charcoal pieces in an open container back in the corner of a shelf. Charcoal is used in many industries to absorb odors and toxins. This is a great way to keep the refrigerator smelling clean and fresh until you have time to clear it out again.

Another common substance that will do much the same work: coffee grounds. Place dry grounds in an open container and let this sit inside the refrigerator for several days. The grounds will absorb odors if given sufficient time.

One other common product that you probably have in your pantry is vanilla. Try using this with baking soda to absorb those odors. Just put a teaspoon or two of vanilla in a cup of baking soda and place this inside. You will be pleasantly surprised at how fresh the refrigerator will be in a short time.

Remember; when you spend a lot of time cleaning out the inside of the refrigerator be sure to toss out old food that could be the source of the worst odors. You should definitely empty, clean and dry the drip pan as well. This is often the source of smells in the kitchen that you can’t seem to locate.

It isn’t necessary to purchase expensive cleaning products to make your refrigerator clean and fresh again.

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