How to Get Rid of Ring Around the Collar?

While ring around the collar isn’t one of life’s more serious conditions, it can be embarrassing. If it appears in the wrong situation it can be the difference between being accepted by someone you don’t know well or not, and being chosen for a new job or being one of the people who get the “I’m sorry…” call. But you can get rid of this type of stain with some common household products and a toothbrush.

You may not consider an unsightly collar to be one of life’s more pressing problems but many other people do. It’s important to do what you can to prevent ring around the collar and be able to remove a ring if it’s already there. Fortunately there are a number of natural remedies for this as well as commercial products designed to remove those stains.

With a Toothbrush
Soiled shirt collars are a natural occurrence since we pick up dust, dirt and other foreign material during the course of the day. When these items cling to the collar, held there by the oils and sweat from our bodies they tend to stick, unless we make a serious effort to get rid of them. In some cases, normal washing won’t take care of this problem.

Get Rid of Ring Around the CollarIf you are interested in getting rid of those rings using natural materials and everyday items from around the house, just gather a few things and get started. The first thing you’ll need to do is treat the stained areas – before washing. Buy some degreaser at your local store. Many of these are intended for use in removing oil and greasy substances from work surfaces in home and business. But with a toothbrush and a small amount of the degreaser you can rub much of the stain from collars. Soaking the clothes for a few hours or overnight then washing as directed should produce a very clean item.

Home Grown Remedy
If you want to get rid of collar rings you may just have to employ a bit of ammonia and some good old laundry detergent. Mix these two in a bottle with a spray attachment. Spray this onto the stained collar and scrub it firmly with a toothbrush. This should remove many collar rings when combined with a regular washing. It’s possible to use this same procedure with a substance made from warm water and regular dish detergent.

Some people have found success with white vinegar and water mixed together, though this should only be used on white clothes. The vinegar could cause colors to fade or run. You may also want to use lemon juice with caution. These liquids could be used to remove collar stains when combined with a pumice stone. But you should use a stone carefully, as it could damage the fabric in blouses and shirts.

With any type of stain, including ring around the collar, it’s important to treat the clothing item as quickly as possible after wearing. While no method is guaranteed to remove all stains and collar rings, some of these home and natural remedies can certainly help.

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