How to Get Rid of Rosacea?

Treating skin problems is a complex subject. Different types of conditions and skin diseases require different curing methods. Rosacea is characterized by rash, pimples, and bumps that have a particular reddish color. While it may seem to be the same as acne, rosacea is much different than the more common acne many people suffer from.

From the start, you should realize that this condition is curable. While none are guaranteed 100 percent, researchers have come up with a few effective treatments. These fall into a few distinct categories, ranging from oral medication to creams and lotions that should be applied directly to the affected area.

Working from the Inside
RosaceaNo one can claim to have found the exact cause of rosacea but much more is known about this malady today than just a few years ago. Factors involved in the development of rosacea include dilating blood vessels near the skin surface, bacteria on the skin or just under the surface contribute to the formation of bumps and rash and irritation of some sort, such as too much sun or rubbing against another surface, can also contribute to rosacea.

In the most recent studies, research scientists have connected this condition with a particular protein in the body and specific types of bacteria and mites that can only be seen under a powerful microscope.

Doctors can prescribe a number of different antibiotics that act from the inside. These are designed to reduce or eliminate the formation of bacteria that contribute to more serious cases of rosacea. A medication called isotretinoin is sometimes used for acne and rosacea. While this medicine seems to be effective, doctors hesitate to prescribe it before other treatment is given a chance to work. Isotretinoin has been associated with some side effects that dermatologists and other medical personnel wish to avoid.
To fight against rosacea that is already showing on the skin, you may be able to clear it up with one of several topical medications. Benzoyl peroxide and metronidazole are just two of these. These don’t necessarily get to the source of the condition but they can control the spread of rosacea and reduce inflammation.

Some people have chosen laser procedures or electro-surgery to remove rosacea or control the spread of the condition. These are known to clear up existing skin conditions in more serious cases and may significantly improve a person’s appearance. Like topical solutions, surgical procedures don’t necessarily treat the cause as much as they treat the symptoms.

If a parent can catch rosacea early in a child’s life, effective treatment may prevent serious outbreaks later on. Washing your face gently, with a mild cleanser will also help. If possible, avoid skin irritation from wind and sun. It may also help to look into some of the alternative-medicine treatments that use natural oils and herbs. While these may not have any more proven effect than commercially available medicines, many of them won’t do any harm. Cleanliness and care of the skin will also help quite a bit.

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