How to Get Rid of Skunks?

Skunks look so harmless when they are waddling around a long distance away, but we all know that this small, common animal carries a very “dangerous” weapon. Because the skunk has this defensive spraying mechanism that can coat us with a foul-smelling odor we have devised a number of ways to get rid of skunks (and keep them from coming back).

Shoot on Sight
In rural areas and less-populated areas, some people deal with skunk problems as they would with any other animal pest. They shoot them. We certainly aren’t advocating the purchase of a gun and the planning of a skunk-hunting expedition. It’s wiser to employ the services of a professional pest-management/removal company if you are thinking about using firepower!

It’s important to find out just what the skunk’s activities are. If there is one skunk messing about in the trash outside the home, you’ll have to start by cleaning up the areas that attract animals. This should discourage many pests and hopefully the skunk will find other feeding grounds. But if all your cleaning efforts don’t make a difference, you may have to try another tactic.

What They Eat
How to Get Rid of SkunksSkunks are known to eat worms, grubs and other small living things so you may have to treat your property with a commercial product. Some of these come in granule or powder form that is spread on the lawn. In some cases, these strong pest repellants will be all you need to take care of your skunk problem. Talk with an expert at your local store and make sure you understand just how these products work. They are simple to use and can be very effective if you follow the directions to the letter.

If other methods don’t do the trick, you may have to erect a barrier to keep skunks from getting onto your property. A fence can help. But skunks and other small animals have a knack of finding the smallest holes and cracks through which to invade. If skunks are hiding under or in some particular place, it may be necessary to coax them out or have them removed by a professional. Closing up these inviting spaces should deter future skunk populations.

Knowing what skunks like to eat will help immensely if you decide to trap a skunk in a live trap. In some cases, these may be too expensive for an individual homeowner. However, local groups often make traps available for short periods, sometimes at no cost.

Call in the Pros
If all else fails, you may have to plan for the expense of professional help. But this may prove to be a good investment if the pro is able to rid your property of skunk infestation. Many pest-control businesses will come to your property and perform an initial inspection then give you an estimate of what the cost will be. Details about the removal process should help you make up your mind. Whatever you decide to do, don’t just settle for living with these “smelly” animals.

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