How to Get Rid of Smoking?

Perhaps the only way to get rid of smoking as a regular part of your life is to just plain quit. But some people find that “cold turkey” is so difficult that they need other tips and tricks. You can help yourself along the road to being a non-smoker by making a real commitment to improving your health and contributing more money to your savings account.

That’s Right
Let’s assume that you have made the decision to quit smoking. First of all, don’t set a date too far into the future. This seems to make quitting more difficult for some, rather than making it easier. In fact, if you have the immediate urge to just quit, do it now. But this will take more than laying those cigarettes aside. You’ll have to throw all your cigarettes away, regardless of what the investment is. Tip: Don’t give them to a friend who smokes. Really get rid of them!

Next you should get rid of all things that are related to smoking. It may not be enough to clean the ashtrays and stow them away in a cabinet. Give them away, donate them to a second-shop, break them into small pieces – but get rid of them. Do the same with your lighters, matches and any other items that have some association to your smoking habit. Clean out every place that holds even one cigarette – in the home, at work, in the car etc.

Habit Forming
How to Get Rid of SmokingJust as smoking became a habit over time, you will need to make non-smoking a habit. Actor Telly Salavas used to keep a Tootsie Roll Pop around and unwrap it as a substitute for smoking. You can do the same with gum, lollipops and other less-harmful items. In addition, when you get to a moment in your day that was usually reserved for smoking, be prepared with something to fill in the time. If you made the trip to a smoking area at work several times during the day, don’t go with co-workers who are still smoking. Just don’t go there at all!

Perhaps you can find enjoyment in walking around the block. This takes a few minutes, about the same amount of time it took to smoke a cigarette. If you can’t get out and walk every time you crave a cigarette, develop a new habit – read something, make something as a craft project, work on a word puzzle and so on. It will take time to develop these new habits but you can change the way you spend your time.

Say it, Mean it
Share your decision with a family member or friend. Give them the details and describe how you are going to change your habits so you can quit smoking. This means you are committing to them as well as to yourself. We mentioned earlier that you should set a definite time for quitting. Pick a time and communicate this to that same close friend or family member. You may even try slowing down over the course of two or three days, until you have stopped altogether.

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