How to Get Rid of Sneezing?

Before we get into methods that will work to stop constant sneezing, we should understand that you can get rid of the sneeze and still have the reason for your sneezing. If you don’t eliminate the real cause you will probably start sneezing again sometime soon.

But when you spend hours sneezing and battling an itchy, runny nose, the most important thing on your mind is stopping that frustrating sneeze, now! Orange juice is a good way to cut down the presence of histamine in the body. This juice contains a lot of Vitamin C, the ingredient that reduces histamine levels. Some people have had success with the herbal remedy, nettle. This natural substance seems to help reduce congestion and to reduce inflammation in the nose. Nettle is available as a dietary supplement and in tea form.

Changes on the Home Front
One of the more permanent ways to get rid of sneezing is to reduce or eliminate dust, pollen and other allergens in the home. Carefully vacuum the carpets and rugs, dust the furniture and clean the hard-surfaces thoroughly. If there are moist, dark places in the home where mold and mildew can thrive it’s important to clean these and remove all traces of mold. If you are particularly sensitive to dust, mold and other irritants, it may be necessary to clean more often. Pay particular attention to areas such as the bedroom, including your mattress, sheets and blankets.

rid of sneezingSome people are sensitive to pets, especially cats and dogs. If so, you may have to make the sacrifice and give up a pet. Cats are known to cause problems with a large number of people because of a substance called dander. If you can’t get the pet out of the home, it’s essential that you bathe the animal regularly and keep the home very clean.

Changing furnace filters regularly and using air filters in the home can also help, since a lot of people sneeze because of airborne particles. Good filtering systems in the home can eliminate a large amount of the dust, pollen and pet dander that is the cause of irritation.

Diet and More
It’s also important to make changes in your diet to see if this helps reduce the amount of sneezing. Fresh vegetables and fruits can give you the bioflavonoid and other substances you need to build up your immune system. It’s also important to take over-the-counter antihistamines, especially if some of the above steps don’t seem to have the effect they should.

Some people suffer so much that they finally make a trip to the doctor and ask for prescription help. If sneezing continues even with this help, you may have to resort to allergy treatment. As we mentioned in the beginning, it’s important to uncover the real cause of the irritation and sneezing. Doctors and specialists can test you for allergies to specific substances. Only then will you have a good chance of getting rid of sneezing for good.

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