How to Get Rid of Split Nails?

Hundreds of people suffer from cracked and split nails and think that it’s something they are doing wrong or something missing in their diet. But there is another factor – heredity. If your ancestors have experienced split nails it’s a good possibility that you will too.

One solid piece of advice about split nails that everyone should take to heart is this: don’t use nail-polish remover too often. This product has alcohol as an active ingredient that will dry the nails and the skin. This alone can contribute to increased cracking of the nails.

Nail Treatment
In addition to not overusing nail-polish remover, you can help slow down splitting and cracking with hand creams and natural oils applied at the base of the nails – after you wash your hands. Keep the nails and the surrounding skin moist. Some manicurists strongly suggest using a nail buffer for a shiny look rather than applying nail polish too often. Buffing can stimulate growth while polish can dry even the healthiest nails.

Split NailsIf a nail breaks or splits enough to expose the tissue beneath it you should treat this as a wound. Keep it clean and do what you can to prevent the split from growing even larger. The nail and the skin underneath are living tissue that must be cleaned and protected from infection. Wash the affected area gently with mild soap and warm water. Use a medicated cream for minor wounds or anti-inflammatory ointment and cover the nail with a bandage to protect it from further contamination.

If pain increases or continues for several days, it may be wise to consult a doctor. It may be necessary for a medical professional to clean and dress the split nail. The doctor may use a specific ointment or antibiotics to help the healing process.

What to Watch For
If the nail is split beyond the “minor” level and you have to take more aggressive steps, get some help from a doctor. Even the most careful application of ointments and keeping the nail clean may not be enough. If you see that the tissue beneath the nail is bleeding or is otherwise discolored, contact your doctor immediately. Don’t hesitate to get help if the symptoms are advanced.

You can prevent some splitting and cracking of nails by wearing gloves when washing dishes or doing other work with the hands. While long nails might be attractive the extra length can contribute to cracking and splitting if you are not very careful. You may also want to look for nail polish that also helps protect and strengthen the nails. If you develop the habit of taking better care of your nails and protecting them when working with your hands you should be able to avoid some damage. As for the tendency toward split nails that is inherited from parents and grandparents, good luck.

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