How To Get Rid Of Spyware?

If you are using windows as your operating system, then this is for sure that you have at least one adware/spyware program on your personal computer right now. But you don’t need to panic; there are many tools (commercial and free) available for dealing with the adware/spyware programs.

Spyware is actually defined as a program/software that gets automatically installed in your computer and then it access your documents, read your personal address book, trace your internet pathways and finally it reports the accessed data to some third party without your permission. Spyware/adware falls in the category of Malware that is basically used to pop-up the advertisements (on internet) without any request of the user. Presence of Spyware/adware program in your operating system is not less then a bad news, because they make your personal information accessible to others.

Spyware removal tools
rid-of-spywareSpyware programs are very difficult to remove from your computer system. Many “spyware removal tools” that are available in the market are not effective against various spyware attacks. In fact, some “spyware removal tools” acts as perfect host for various spyware programs, so they invite more spyware programs in stead of removing them. Therefore, you should never buy or download an authorized program of anti-spyware.

From last few years, many “computer security” industries are paying their attention towards the problem of spyware strikes. As a result, we are now available with various effective anti spyware softwares. This article will help you in choosing a particular anti spyware package. But you should be clear with a fact that a particular anti spyware tool can not remove all the spyware programs from your system, because there are many species of malware that are known till now. And a particular anti spyware tool focuses on removal of some particular species only. So you should try to install more then one anti spyware tool in order to remove maximum of spyware programs from your system.

Various tools to get rid of the spyware (free)
Most important benefit of using a free anti spyware tool is obviously the saving of money. Except the extreme cases, one should always go for free spyware removal tools. They are economic, safe and effective in dealing with various spyware programs. Some most commonly used free spyware removal tools are-

Lavasoft Ad-Aware (2007)
Various version of Lavasoft Ad-Aware are available in the market, but 2007 free version is the most effective version against spyware programs. It is extremely easy to use, but it has a disadvantage also. Lavasoft Ad-Aware 2007 free edition is not able to scan your system on fixed schedules, so each time you have to do it manually.

Other important free spyware removal tools are- Spybot Search & destroy and Microsoft Windows Defender.

Various tools to get rid of the spyware (commercial)
If free tools are not providing you enough satisfaction then you should go for commercial packages of spyware removal tools. Most important commercial spyware removal tools are- Webroot Spy Sweeper and PC Tools Spyware Doctor.

Webroot Spy Sweeper is the best choice to deal with various types of spyware programs. It is compatible with windows XP, vista etc and moreover it comes with a customer support (free) facility. So, by using this package you can avoid the attacks of spyware on your system.

So the next time your pc is infected by a spyware just try these software and be careful while clicking on those pop ups.

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