How to Get Rid of Stickers?

You may think that we’re going to discuss ways to take labels and decorative stickers off of furniture, refrigerators and so on, but in this case “stickers” refers to plants that put out small spikes that can be annoying and even painful. Barefoot people and animals with tender feet are susceptible to these little pests.

While the general term we use is “stickers” there are several names given to these plants that should be considered. The list might include yellow vine, puncture vine, goathead and caltrop. The plants are common on several continents and are viewed as weeds and lawn pests.

Always There
Plants in the “lawn sticker” category are considered perennials. They thrive during warm months in countries that have climates that are generally cool. People often identify them when they grow six inches to a foot high and put out small yellow flowers. After the flowering period, seeds fall from the “fruit.” It’s these spiked seeds that cause us the most trouble.

Not only do these stickers puncture our bare flesh, they may be strong enough to pierce plastic and rubber. The plants have developed the spikes to protect them from being carried away or eaten by animals. This helps the plants thrive and expand their territory.

Getting Them Out!
StickersThe best way to get the plants out of your lawn is to cut the large taproot with a hoe or similar garden tool. This may have to be repeated. *Tip: Cutting the plants with a lawnmower won’t get rid of the plants because the youngest of them will remain healthy very close to the ground. You may be able to pull the plant if you focus on getting the taproot out completely. This is possible when the soil is softer and has more moisture. Be sure to get any seeds that have fallen around the plant.

Don’t give them room to grow. This is one way to keep lawn-sticker plants from growing. If you turn the soil and/or till it carefully then plant varieties that will compete with the pest you may be able to prevent sticker plants from growing.

Some people have success getting rid of stickers by burning the individual plants with a small propane burner. This may be risky in dry conditions and it may even be against local or state laws. Make sure you understand the laws and are well aware of the conditions before trying this method.

You may have to resort to using strong herbicides to kill this type of plant, but you should concentrate your efforts on weed killers that work before plants appear (pre-emergent). Treat the lawn in later winter or very early in spring, before the plants appear. It’s also possible to prevent plants from thriving with certain types of weevils – a perfect, natural solution if used correctly. Try one of these methods or two in combination and rid your lawn of those annoying and painful stickers.

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