How to Get Rid of Stomach Flu?

From time to time, everyone suffers from stomach flu or symptoms similar to those of stomach flu. It may seem the only way to get rid of stomach flu is to make the person more comfortable and wait for it to go away. But there are a few simple things you can do to treat the symptoms. These may also help you speed up the healing process.

Comfort First
While it may appear to be too simple, drinking plenty of water can definitely help a person with stomach flu. One of the effects of stomach flu is dehydration. It’s important to replace those lost fluids by drinking plenty of water. In addition, drinking water may help reduce the acidity of the stomach.

People also use herbal tea to lessen the effects of stomach flu. Others have tried apple-cider vinegar, though the taste may be too much for some people. Cranberry juice might work for some, especially if it is 100 percent cranberry juice and not a mixture. In addition to these simple treatments you may want to try eating bananas or blueberries, or some basic soup to help replace lost body fluids and provide nourishment.

Rest and Retail
Stomach FluIt’s important to rest and relax with stomach flu, in addition to drinking plenty of water and clear liquids. You may also want to try an over-the-counter remedy like Pepto Bismol or a commercial pain killer that contains acetaminophen as the active ingredient. It’s best to be careful with pain killers however because some may contribute to stomach upset when taken in larger quantities.

While water and juices are important treatments for stomach flu, you may also want to try commercial drinks that supply extra electrolytes the body needs. Talk with your doctor or a knowledgeable person at the retail store about this type of drink.

In addition to these self-help steps it may be necessary to consult with your doctor. It may be tempting to treat stomach flu on your own and avoid a visit to the doctor, but stomach problems shouldn’t be taken lightly. A medical professional may find that the stomach condition is caused by bacteria. In this case, prescription antibiotics may be in order.

Proper Diet
It’s also important to eat small meals that consist of rather basic food items such as rice, oatmeal porridge, crackers etc. A person with stomach flu should never eat spicy or greasy foods. When stomach flu is the problem it’s best not to eat large meals two or three times per day. Instead, try some of those basic foods and eat half a dozen small meals during the day.

Finally, it’s important not to take too many different over-the-counter medicines and remedies without consulting with a doctor. Of course you should read the directions on the packaging carefully when using home and retail remedies. Avoid contact with other family members unless absolutely necessary because stomach flu can be contagious. Be patient and be gentle with stomach flu.

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