How to Get Rid of Sun Spots?

There is no reason for the majority of people to be concerned about the common dark spots that appear on our skin because sun spots are not cancerous. They aren’t going to negatively affect your health or cause further problems for your skin. Most of the information gathered from research shows that our bodies release melanin as a defense against prolonged exposure to the sun. Sometimes this darkening occurs in small areas and we have sun spots.

Sun spots are also know by the term hyperpigmentation, which implies that the pigment of our skin sort of goes into overdrive. Past generations sometimes referred to these as liver spots. Others felt that darker spots appeared because of changes in our hormones. This is sometimes the case, as pregnant women may experience hormonal changes.

Stop the Spots
One of the best ways to prevent sun spots is to avoid long periods in the sun. If you do spend a lot of time outdoors you can protect your head and neck with a wide-brimmed hat and neckerchief. Long sleeve shirts help too. When your skin will be exposed to the sun be sure to use sunscreen with sufficient rating. These products should have zinc oxide or avobenzone as active ingredients.

It may be possible to reduce the color of sun spots with a substance called Kojic acid or through the use of a product that contains Tretinoin or Azeliaic acid. All of these may have some effect in reducing sun spots by slowing the work of melanin in our bodies. Some products use hydroquinone combined with Tretinoin to reduce the production of melanin.

Be Sure
While many of the simple remedies already mentioned can have some effect on sun spots, it may be best to consult with your doctor or with a dermatologist to make sure that the spots aren’t cancerous. If you can determine that you have benign changes in skin pigmentation you can reduce the color and may be able to eliminate some spots altogether. But you will have to be prepared to give this process some time.

Sun SpotsIf you are shopping for lotions or creams to help you get rid of sun spots, look for AHA (alpha hydroxyl acid) that comes from such natural products as fruit and dairy. The best of these products can actually dissolve some of the skin structure without harming you. This means that dead skin cells are replaced by new cells that are lighter in color. Products that are Vitamin A based perform much the same task. These have become popular in recent years as well.

Finally, you may have to resort to a chemical peel performed by a medical specialist. You might also try a method called microdermabrasion that actually takes off a layer of skin with a brush. Repeating the suggestion made earlier, perhaps the best way to “get rid of” sun spots is to prevent them in the first place. Proper clothing and sunscreen lotions will go a long way to preventing changes in skin color.

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