How to Get Rid of Swelling?

We have all experienced some swelling. The swelling is often due to some minor ailment or slight injury. In some cases the condition will correct itself, but this may not always be true. The details of every situation that involves swelling should be shared with your doctor.

When you try to get rid of swelling you should start with a bit of education first. It’s important to find the real cause. When our bodies swell they may be trying to tell us that something is seriously wrong. So, don’t take swelling too lightly.

Cause and Effect
Swelling often occurs when fluid of some sort collects in a part of the body. In other cases, we may experience swelling when some abnormal tissue growth takes place. Either of these conditions can actually be a symptom of some serious medical condition, such as bacterial infection or major malfunction of some system in the body.

If you get an infection you may see swelling when tissue and fluid collect in a specific area. Sometimes the infection may trigger swelling over the entire body. Allergic reaction to prescription medication or to some natural substance may also cause generalized swelling. When you suffer from a serious contact injury and see a bruise, swelling may occur. Blood vessels break and the fluid collects under the skin. Insect bites can cause swelling, especially if the person is extremely sensitive or allergic to the bite.

Treatment Ideas
SwellingOne of the best ways to begin to get rid of swelling is to settle down. Don’t exercise or work more than necessary. You should then try to keep the swollen area elevated. For example, if your feet and lower legs are swelling for any reason it may be best to sit or lie down with your feet slightly raised. The traditional guideline is this: Elevate the swollen area above the level of the heart. So, lying down is probably best.

Since you will be talking with your doctor about swelling, he or she will probably suggest an over-the-counter medication or prescribe a drug that will help deal with the cause of the swelling. Retail pain relievers can help reduce discomfort and pain. In addition to these early steps, you can prevent excess swelling by reducing the amount of salt in your diet. Eliminating it altogether may be the best idea.

Believe it or not, one of the ways to prevent excess swelling and help injuries heal is right there in your water pipes. Drink plenty of water and natural juices. A well-hydrated body works well and can eliminate waste substances more quickly. If swelling is caused by a mild sprain or twist of a joint or muscle you should be able to reduce swelling with cold compresses or ice packs.

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One Comment on “How to Get Rid of Swelling?”

Dave Taylor wrote:

My legs and feet have been swelled for a long time now about a year or so and the Doctor got me on Fluid pills but I find they do not work at all.
I do not add any salt to my food.
The Doctor got me off work because of my legs.
I was wondering is there any home remedies that I can try to help reduce the swelling myself cause the sooner the swelling goes down the sooner I can get back to work.

Thanks for reading my note..

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