How to Get Rid of Swollen Glands?

Swollen glands can be cause for concern if the swelling is a symptom of something more serious or life-threatening. Swollen glands may be painful. They are certainly uncomfortable and irritating. In most cases the cause is an infection that causes the glands and tissue around them to become inflamed and sensitive.

Most self-help solutions and home remedies focus on a few basic ingredients. These include retail pain relievers, salt, water and ice. Add a simple washcloth and a plastic bag to the list and you have what you need to take care of many swollen-gland situations.

First Things First
You will probably feel some pain soon after the glands begin to swell. This is the time to take your first steps to get rid of swollen glands. Try one of the over-the-counter pain killers to get rid of some of the pain. Follow the instructions on the package and don’t overdo it when it comes to pain relievers. Some of these can have negative effects on the stomach if used to excess.

Rest is always a good idea with swollen glands, especially when there is reason to believe that there will be other symptoms, such as stiffness in the joints and sore muscles. In any case, rest is important. Don’t exercise or work, at least for a day or two. If the swollen glands are somewhere other than in the throat and neck, use pain relievers, ice packs and prescription medicines.

Water and Salt
How to Get Rid of Swollen GlandsGargling with salt water is one of the most common treatments for sore throats, swollen tonsils and swollen glands. A couple of tablespoons of salt can be mixed with one cup of warm or hot water. This should be used for gargling. Take a third of the liquid each time and gargle for half a minute. Salt will help get rid of germs present in the throat. This will also help soothe the pain.

We also mentioned ice and a plastic bag at the start of this advice article. You can place ice in the plastic bag or wrap some ice in a towel and place it against your throat to relieve some of the discomfort. These home remedies should go a long way toward relieving the pain and discomfort of swollen glands. But you should still talk with your doctor so you he or she can treat the real cause.
After these initial methods you should be able to continue eating as normal. But you might add some extra Vitamin C by eating more fruits and vegetables. Massaging the affected area can also help relieve discomfort and may decrease the swelling by increasing blood circulation. In fact, if you feel well you can exercise in moderation while treating swollen glands. Never take glandular swelling lightly, no matter how confident you are in your home remedies. Visit your doctor and find out just what is causing the problem. This should be all you need to get rid of swollen glands.

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